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Rae E
Used a Q-tip, now ear is bleeding?
I used a Q-tip last night- it was sort of a bad make because the cotton slipped and I accidentally stuck the inside of my ear with the pointy stick part, but there was only a slight ache for a minute or so and no immediate pain. I went to bed shortly afterward thinking nothing of it- but when I woke up this morning, I grabbed another Q-tip, just to be safe. It came out of my ear with a little blood on it- I mean, it was covered in blood, but not *soaked*. When I tried to get up the excess blood, there was far less than on the original Q-tip, leading me to think that there isn't anything openly bleeding in there anymore, and the blood on the original Q-tip had just accumulated overnight. I can hear just fine out of it (I did a couple of hearing tests with my other ear plugged), and there is no pain.

I'm not sticking any more Q-tips in my ears, earwax or no, I can tell you that much. I just want to know if it's serious. I don't like seeing doctors at all, and would rather not do so if there's a high chance that I just scratched something. Thank you for your time!

Chris S
best go to your doctor, sometimes I use Q tips too when i get a deep seated itch in my ear and it feels refreshing but it can be dangerous.

might have ruptured/injured your eardrum. Go to a doctor or the hospital. Sorry it has to be done.

First of all, buy better q-tips, and if you can still hear out of that ear, I think you're fine, you probably just scraped the skin on your ear canal. Nothing serious, it'll heal up just like any other wound.

pregnant with #2 its a boy!
your going to bleed to death hurry up go to the hospital.GO GO GO!

Chris =)
You probably just scratched the skin on the outside. If you can hear fine, and there is no excessive blood loss, your fine. If it bleeds again though DEFINATLY go down to the doctors and get it checked :-)

the bleeding has stoppped and you arent having any problems.

i cant see any reason why you would go to a dr.

you may have scratched the inside of your ear pretty good, but didnt hurt the eardrum,
or you would know it from the pain.

qtips are useful for getting out loose wax after a shower or bath. buy a better brand

Jean Luc Picard
you're only supposed to clean around the outside of it

wicked witch of east
that has happened to me before and as far as i know i can still hear fine and survived the experience. i dont think you should worry about it

Q tips is the number one reason folks have impacted ear wax. The q tip simple pushes the ear wax in further and packs it in. When the person cannot hear or has pain the ear will need flushed which can be painful and time consuming. I hope you have learned all you need to know about q tips from your experience. If you have difficulty hearing, pain that gets wrose or continued bleeding you really need to see a doc.

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