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This is for AA people. I have a sponsor and have a question.?
I am 86 days sober. Since I've had her as my sponsor, I call every day. Today, we had a talk and she asks me "Why is everything ok when you call me? That's not normal." I was a HEAVY daily drinker, and did a lot of damage to a lot of people in 25 years. I'm done with all that, and am being a housewife for the first time! Getting organized, getting to know my parents again...every time I talk to her, she's waiting for some disaster, or that I call crying.....but honestly I am having the time of my life! She's making me feel crappy for doing all right. I'm starting to second guess myself, and feel guilty for having a good day. Should I be miserable? I don't want to drop her, it's a very small clique' club and I love the rest of the members. I don't want to look for a reason to relapse. She says it's not normal to hav a good day every day. That in itself makes me a little down. Why do we need a sponsor?

keep up the great work!! you shouldn't feel bad if you are having a good day, just the opposite. Your sponsor might have gone through the same thing and relapsed and just worried and warning you that a bad day might just be there for you in the near future, just a warning to you. So, if you do have a bad day take a deep breathe and keep up the great work that you have worked very hard at.

this is a sign to you that you are in risk , when ever you are feeling like the program isn't working , that your addiction trying to find another way in . your sponsor is there to help you , not to ever make you feel bad . that doesn't mean they won't hurt your feelings to be honest with you . please don't drop your sponsor , and open your mind , it may well be that she sees a pitfall that you don't .

Maybe she had a really hard time quitting and is jealous

She realizes what the pink cloud is about.Having said that, a sponsor is supposed to be someone you trust.They are only a guide and nothing else.The beauty of AA is there are no rules.Find another sponsor.Maybe someone you relate to a little better.Congrats on the 86 days.Keep up the good work.

Logical Thinker
Erm how about dont call her? Unless your doing bad...

first, it is perfectly normal to feel happy everyday, and second i think you should only call her if you have a bad day and on all of your good days call someone else who is more concerned of your life out of AA too, try to get a new sponser if you can i think it would make a difference, and congratulations, keep up the good work!!!!!!!

When I was new in the AA program, I had a sponsor that accused me of lying. This really hurt me. In step 3 [made a decision to turn our will and our lives over to the care of God as we understand him] we see that turning things over is something we have to practice regularly. When I did that I was amazed at the results. The next time I spoke with her SHE told ME the relationship was not working and she suggested maybe someone else could better help me. I am now 14 years sober and proud of it. The AA program really works. Keep up the good work and try putting step 3 into practice. I hope this is helpful.

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