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There's a ghost in my closet?
nO, Im not 5, im 22. The other night I woke up and spotted a black figure making its way toward my bed. I stared at it for a moment and it vanished, but boy did it feel weird in my room after that (depending on where in the room I was). I called up the last resident of the room and was told that yes there is a ghost, and it likes the closet, so sleep with the closet door closed. What should i do???

Contact a priest, and exorcise the spirit. have the room blessed man.

♥ Miami_305 ♥
if i were u i would go turn on (EMINIEMS SONG *IM CLEANING OUT MY CLOSET*)that might help*LOL*

Well if the previous tenant says keep the closet door closed, that's what I would do.

The ghost can't harm you, just ignore it.

My parents had a ghost (or ghosts) when I lived at home and it bothered me to even sleep in my room so I slept on the couch from 6th grade until I moved out at age 18. I felt safer on the couch, around everyone, until one night I felt like something was laying on me and I couldn't breath and my parents said I was flailing around but couldn't wake me (even though I could hear them). Something would whisper my name when I was asleep. My parents also heard things, but they said when I moved out it all stopped. So you could have seen a ghost, if you are scared I would shut the closet, but that won't keep it away. If you can't sleep because of it then you need to call one of those ghost people or I'd move. It's miserable to be so scared you can't sleep. That psychic Sylvia Brown says to tell it to leave (out loud) and it will. You could try! Good Luck!!!!

sleep with the door closet closed...or...ghosts are just spirits with unfinished business...leave a pen with paper and see if he respond to any of your questions...

There is no ghost, but close the closet door if it makes you feel better.

I would contact someone in the paranormal field. There are many things you can do to clear the room of "ghost:.

Lauren Ravenstar
> > BellaOnline's New Age Editor
> >
> >
> > Sometimes we become aware that we are sharing our home with those
> who
> > have passed over. Most `ghosts' do no real harm and there are
> people
> > who get rather fond of the spirit inhabitant and enjoy their
> presence.
> > Indeed some tourist attractions here positively thrive on their
> > haunted reputations. However you may wish to help extra residents
> in
> > your home to move on.
> >
> > The less psychically aware you are, the less likely you'll ever
> pick
> > up on ghosts. Many people live alongside past residents of a
> dwelling
> > & never really notice or are disturbed. However if you are
> sensitive
> > you will probably become aware of a presence. If you have a stuck
> > spirit in your house you may catch movement out of the corner of
> your
> > eye, get a whiff of perfume, notice `cold spots', maybe things
> > around or go missing, you hear footsteps, or 'things go bump in
> > night'. These can be signs of other types of activity too and
> > sometimes have purely physical causes that can be rationalised
> away.
> >
> > At the time of death the soul leaves the physical body, is
> by
> > loved ones that have passed over and travels back `home' to the
> Light;
> > well that is what happens in the vast majority of cases. For some
> the
> > process goes awry. Maybe in life the person had a terror of
> to
> > Hell or Purgatory', especially if they were unkind or cruel in
> life,
> > or maybe the loved ones didn't manage to persuade the person to
> cross.
> > Perhaps the death was sudden or violent and the soul was shocked &
> > didn't understand that the physical body had died.
> >
> > For whatever reason it is clear that some spirits remain here in
> the
> > physical realm and are in some way `stuck'. Please don't get this
> > mixed up with a reading from a spiritual medium and a message from
> > Auntie Vera. Spirits are free to travel back & keep an eye on
> > ones; they aren't stuck, just popping in to see you!
> >
> > If you feel fearful then it is advisable to call in someone else
> > help. There are mediums and healers who can help to show spirits
> the
> > way home. Alternatively many clergymen still have the skills to do
> > this. I prefer not to think of these clearings as exorcism, which
> > implies banishing a malicious presence. Although more forceful
> > clearings may sometimes be needed, the majority of spirits are
> simply
> > stuck, not evil, and are glad and thankful to be released. Try to
> > think of them as people that are in need of help and you will
> realise
> > that guiding them to the Light is an act of compassion.
> >
> > Sit quietly in the room where you sense the spirit most. Ground
> your
> > energy field & place a protective bubble around your aura. You may
> > like to light a tea-light candle as a focal point. Call your
> > and guides in to help you- you don't need to know their names to
> > this- just make the clear request & they'll be there. Now ask
> clearly
> > for the relatives, guides and angels of the deceased to come and
> > collect the spirit and take him or her to the Light. If you pray
> say a
> > prayer for them. Keep a clear intent and you may sense a shift in
> > atmosphere. You may need to sit like this for a few minutes, but
> > they leave you should feel the change. If not trust that the work
> has
> > been done and thank all those who assisted anyway. You can leave
> the
> > tea-light candle burning in a safe place until it goes out.
> >
> > If this simple procedure appears not to have worked & the same
> > phenomena continue then you may have had more than one presence
> > may need to repeat the clearing, or you may have a more stubborn
> > spirit who really doesn't want to go. In this case call in someone
> > more experienced to help.
> >
> > When I moved into my new house I quickly became aware that there
> were
> > several spirits present. Over time a story emerged and I have
> > all of them on now. I was first aware of the spirit of an old
> > She was very curious & followed me around the house. She was with
> me
> > throughout the first healing I did here- obviously keen to see
> > was going on. I felt her presence was benign, however she was
> freezing
> > cold to have around. It appeared she was trying to obtain help
> a
> > frightened child on the first floor landing. When the child was
> helped
> > home the old lady went of her own accord and I could turn the
> heating
> > down! I had been starting to wonder if I'd ever get the house
> warmed
> > up!
> >
> > You may like to space clear your house afterwards as spirits
> sometimes
> > are stuck because of unhappy events that leave a heavy psychic
> residue
> > behind. One of my students kept saying how the house felt like a
> > completely different place compared to when she'd been here three
> > months earlier. "Of course you've decorated, but it feels so
> > different." Actually I haven't lifted a paintbrush yet, but I have
> > released the spirits, space cleared several times & filled my
> > with lighter, loving, peaceful vibrations.
> >
> > http://www.bellaonline.com/articles/art29504.asp

sounds like the boogyman by stephen king.

mike g
Close your eyes and count to five. Move

phone the ghostbusters and camp in a tent in the grass observing the ghostbusters kick sum ***

i think you should open up the closet one night and try to make peace with the ghost, and if that doesn't work, then you should fight it or feed it some garlic.. i saw that in a movie once=]

Dz Nutz
Ah, dude you got to get me some of that $#!T you are smoking, I haven't had anything that good in a while. Seriously, I do believe in ghosts, although never had an experience.

Tell the ghost to go towards the light.

There is something living in my house, too. We have fun with it whatever it is. We hear footsteps at night and sometimes I feel like I am being watched when there isn't anyone there. It's really kind of neat and I'm not scared at all.

Try to talk to him, believe me i would try to do that

u betta called Ghostbusters 2 come and get that ghost outta ur closet!

tell it to "go to the Light"

get ur house blessed

Don't feed it what ever you do. You'll never get rid of it.

Derek D

You should kill it with a skillet

1) keep the closet door shut.
2) Ghost buster?
3) Talk to your priest if you have one.
4) If it really bothers you then consider moving to a different place.

Good luck!

well according to sylvia browne on the montel williams show you should tell it to go to the light. or maybe contact the montel show and be a guest.

I think you check the closet. There are no ghosts anywhere, you can rest assured about that. Perhaps the closet is not leveled, and you should have that checked.

A ghost or a lost soul is around because they either have unfinished business or they don't realize that they are dead. Ask him or her what they want and try to help them follow the light. Make sure that you tell them that their business is finished here on earth and there is nothing left but an illusion. You must convince them that there is peace in the other realm.

mks 7-15-02
Is It Casper The Friendly Gost?

Unfortunately only chuck norris...and pacman can kill ghosts. You'll have to move or live with it.

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