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 i burned my finger, how can i help it not burn so bad?

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What kind of exercises should I do?
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 Sunburn, Hot or cold shower?
I was once told that if you take a hot shower it will take the heat out of your sunburn. It does hurt when taking a shower, but I feel as if my sunburn goes away quicker and I don't peel as bad....

 How to get rid of sunburn overnight?
So my face is burnt on one side of my face and it hurts and looks stupid :S
is there anyway to get rid of it, or reduce it overnight?
Does drinking alot of water help ?

 IS A tetanus shot suppose to itch after you get it?
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 Poison ivy?
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 Wasp comes back for more...?
Hi i know this is a crazy question but i just had to ask it lol.

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 Does anyone know anything about Aspartame (the stuff in diet drinks) being bad for you?
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 Used a Q-tip, now ear is bleeding?
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 My camp friend got a bee sting yesterday...?
We used a credit card to flick the stinger out... now its swelling really bad. We're waiting for our counselor to get her to the hospital cos we think its infected... how do i treat it?????

 How do you treat a burn..............?
I got burnt and it hurts please some one ...

 i just accidently cut my finger off?
what should i do?...

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 What should I do? I cannot see the splinter but I know it is there. I don't even see a puncture mark.?
I fell into some barberry bushes last night. I had thorns embedded in my hands and my arm. I thought that I had gotten everything out this morning but during the day my forearm started bothering me ...

 does anybody know how to soothe a sunburn?
i have a really bad peeling sunburn on my back, chest, and neck. i have this stuff from melalueca, but it really isnt ...

 What's the best way to get rid of a bad headache?

 Last night my wife woke me because I was hyperventilating in my sleep ?
Is this something I should be concerned about or is it considered normal. Apparently I was having a nightmare, I get them quite abit.
Additional Details
I dont smoke but I always feel ...

Sunburned on nose so badly it stings to touch?
I got sunburned this weekend sooo badly. I got it under my eyes and very badly on my nose. Last night before I went to bed it was stinging a little just like any sunburn does. But when I woke up this morning my cheeks are no worse, but my nose hurts so bad i can't touch it with, my fingers, water, face wash, aloe, burn cream, nothing. I can't even move it without crying it hurts so bad. My nose also got this whitish little bubbles, I don't know how to explain them but they feel strange and make my nose look discolored. I did not have these last night.
Additional Details
I cannot put anything on my face, it stings to the point where my eyes start to water.

I hate to say this but it could be a sign of skin cancer. if you have gotten bunt there alot

I would go to the doctor. If it hurts so bad you can't treat it yourself, then you need a doctor to at least check it out. However, I honestly don't think it is anything too dangerous. The white bubbles may just be the skin starting to peel. But still, if it really hurts that bad, see a doctor.

with really bad sunburns it sometimes blisters it will heal just keep it moisturized even if it hurts

the blisters a re sign it will peel
try putting manuka honey on it and cover with a kight gauze while your in the house
the healing properties of this honey are amazing its from new zealand and you can get it from health shops
google it
hope this helps

Get some Aloe Vera plant pill the skin an apply the Gel on your nose.This will help instantly because it have natural anesthetic and will cure your burn. I burn myself cooking in my chest and hand i went and got some aloe vera and apply and right away the burn stop hurting and the next day was looking better .Do this for a week and the burn will heal. My personal experience.

In this case,I would advice you to go to a doctor,before something
else happens...don't think too much!
Better to go to a doctor!!

Ed F
Aloe Vera will soothe the burn and begin the healing process.

hospital or at the vey least your doctor

white blistering bubbles are a 3rd degree burn.
call your dr and see if you should come to his/her office or go to the hospital.

Go to the hospital, that sounds like 3rd degree burns


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