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 My daughter got a piece of wood stuck on her foot. She doesn't let me take it out. What should I do?

Triple Helix
Splinter in my foot... can I leave it in?
So a piece of wood, several inches in length, somehow made it off of the floor which had (I assume rapid rise and drop in temperature) cracked... I got out the part that was sticking out, but there's about a quarter inch left inside. It's on the outside of my foot, just to the left and below my little toe. It stings quite a bit, but I'm not in huge pain or anything. Can I leave it in? Will it work it's way out? I tried grabbing onto it with tweezers but can't get a grip.

noo! take a tweezer, or a nail clipper and pick it out. as much as it MIGHT hurt, u have to! godo luck

(or use anything sharp)

Try drying a little bit of elmers glue on in the when it dries, peel it off.

it'll just get deeper and deeper.
get it out as soon as possible.

Yes, you can leave it in.
It should fall out on it's own, but it can also get infected...so it's kind of a hit or miss. Esp. if it's on your foot, seeings as it will most likely be irritated every time you walk.

If it's in a spot where this won't hurt- What i normally do when i get splinters is take nail clippers and clip the skin around where it's in just enough so that the wood is grab able with tweezers.

good luck! =]

No don't. If it doesn't work with tweezers try a needle instead. It hurts a little than a nail clipper(ouch), cut a little opening with the needle and press your toe with your thumb nail going up. When you see a tail then use the tweezers, if it not use your other thumb nail and clip it pull it up. It works for me all the time

you can wait until it gets closer to the surface for just get some toe nail clippers and cut at your skin to get deep enough.

if i were you i would rather get it out than risk an infection. I don't think it would work it's way out

it might show local inflammation and redness/pus. It might be annoying to walk around. You could soak your foot in warm to hot water. Atleast, try to "sterilize" the tweezers with some alcohol or something similar. Better to get it out if you can, it might seal over.
Best chance is now or sometime today.

Leave it in and you risk infection. Try harder to grip with the tweezers and clean the area with alcohol.

no!!! grab a pair of Tweezers and pull it out.

Of course you can leave it in, but it will get on your damn nerves after a while.

dont leave it in because it could cause a raging infection, soak your foot in warm water sometimes that helps it to move out a bit but you're definitely gonna need to tweeze it out its not gonna be fun either way

Gypsy Girl
I wouldn't leave it in. You could get an infection that will knock you off your feet for a while. If you or a friend can't get it out, then see your doctor. That might be a good idea anyway if it has been more than 5 years since your last tetanus shot.

Actually after a few weeks they push there way out and if not then you can get a cream to help the process but dont worry about it unless after a few weeks it is still there or redness and swelling occur then its time to go to the doctor it might be infected :)

Ouch. Boy am I cringing at the thought...I hate splinters.

Soak the area in warm water with a tablespoon of baking soda added. Do this twice a day. The splinter may work its way out after a few days.

If it doesn't work it's way out, make sure you see a doctor, though. Leaving it in could lead to bad infection.

a Chi
your body will eventually push it out, but leaving it in will increase the risk of infection if there were any harmful bacterias on the wood.

Mikey B
1. Have A Warm Bath, Or Soak It In Warm Water To Soften The Skin, Then Get Tweezers To Get It Out. It'll Hurt Like Hell But It'll Start Healing Properly And Wont Hurt In The Future. If Yhoo Don't Get It Out YHOO'LL NEVER GET IT OUT...EVER!!!


2. Soften The Skin, Dry Yhoor Foot, Then Apply A Plaster (Any Good Plaster Will Do, Out Of A First-Aid Kit Etc...) Leave On For One Day, To See If It Draws The Splinter To The Surface. Again Remove Plaster And Try To Pull Out With Tweezers.

If These Fail Go To The Doctors Or A&E (Try The Doctors First, They May Be Able To Do It the 'Minor Surgery'.)

Good Luck, Take The Pain, It'll Be Alrate After Its Gone
--Mikey B--

OK so there is this thng, its calledDraw Out Salve. It works like a dream and gets splinters out really quickly. It smells bad but it works well. You can get it at Eckerd or CVS or any drug store really.
Good Luck with you splinter and I hope this works!
PS There are instrustions on the back of the tube or bottle and its PAIN FREE! :)

I got a splinter in my foot on the 11th i waited till the 13 to go to the doctor because it was red and swollen. They had to give me 2 shots of Lidocaine to numb it to remove the splinter which was in pretty deep. Turns out I need to get a tetanus shot and an antibiotic shot of Rouphin. I am instructed to soak it in "very very very warm water" 3 times a day and I have to go back in 2 days. My splinter was from a piece of wood from a tree that rain up in my heel. Good luck. ?If you have insurance go to the doctor, If you do not u can always seek treatment from a county health department. It is better to seek treatment especially because u cannot get it out on your own. You risk your health by not going to remove it. I waited one day and it was so sore i could not put pressure on the foot.

I would enlist someone to help you get the rest out. It could become infected and you don't want that. Just don't get it wet, wood absorbs water and swells........

Jelly Bean
Try putting a piece of duct tape over it and pressing down to see it it will stick to the splinter. You really should get it out.

You can leave it in (it WILL eventually be shed as you shed skin) IF it does not fester. You'll know if it does as there will be redness and pain at the site. If it does not fester up, it means your body does not recognize it as foreign.

Blast BARCA!!!
No it Will make a buble!

Lay down and think of a happy thought and have someone take it out for you while you think of a happy thought.It should bring the pain down a bit.Don't leave it in it'll make it even worse for later on.

Try to get to out. Once when I was little I refused to let my mom to take a splinter out of my foot and it never came out and it left a brown mark on the bottom of my foot. I think that it will stay there forever.

no way if u leave it in it might cause an infection or something. take a neddle and start to take the top layer of your skin off until u reach the piece of wood. or you can just dig in and get it out. it does hurt but its worth it

Your body will eventually push it out. Just don't wear any constrictive shoes. Try wearing sandals for a while. Do you have anyone willing to take a look and see if they can get it out for you. You could also get a credit card or something similar and try and gently push it out with the edge of the card.

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