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 For the guys, if there was a male birth control pill that you could take would you take it?

 homemade remedies?
My 2 year old stepped on a toothpick about a week ago, and there is still a piece of wood in the bottom of her foot. Its not an angry red color, just swollen where the toothpick entered the foot. She ...

 lanced boil?
i got a boil lanced 2 days ago. it won't quit bleeding and the pain has not gotten any better. advice? :(...

 My ankle hurts so badly?
My ankle is swollen and bruised and hurts to bend it or move it around. It doesnt hurt that much but It still hurts, its also tender. I dont remember any injury but I may have hurt it somehow. I can ...

 what fish can you get the most Omega 3 from???

Additional Details
I am wondering if swordfish is a good source???...

 i need to know some things about the burn i got on my hand?
like a week ago i got a burn on mym hand from a hot clothes iron. it is on my hand like from the begining of my wrsit to the start of my elbow. the first day after it appened the skin on top of it ...

 Should crematoriums give discounts for burn victims?
Just wondering....

 I get really stressed alot and I dont know how to control it my friends give me alot of advice its not working

 How do i get glass out of my foot....iv trieed tweesers....clippers....sizzors......wat… hurts so bad?

Additional Details
tweezers...clippers....sizzors....nothin… ...

 Help... I have been stung by a bee insect while cutting grass by my garage!!!!!?
I put some neosporin on it and it still hurts. It stung me on my elbow and I cannot see the stinger. What can I do to treat this!!! And they built a hive by my garage. How can I get rid of it????

 When you have a cold and flem in your throat, what's the best way to get the flem out?

 what to do for a mosquito bite besides anti itch ointment?

 what happens if you do not eat for 3 days?
Will you faint?...

 Does it hurt when they take stitches out? How do they do it?

 do you know how to say humanities in spanish?

 i have a 2nd degree burn...what should i do?
okay so i accidently burned my leg about an hr. ago from a curling iron, its about 3 inches long.
i dont wanna see a doctor.
what should i do though??...

 dark patches of skin.... help?!?
i have dark patches of skin on my knees and toes, and strecth marks on my hip area. anybody know a good way to get rid of them? I have really dry skin, and its hard to keep it moisturized....

 i'm 28, and i'm losing hair rapidly. its become dull & dry.and won't absorb anything i apply. help!

 Help....major blood loss through cut on foot?
My best friend was in the shower and accidentally cut the bottom of her foot and it wont stop bleeding what can we do to stop the blood????????
It's been bleeding for like 30 minutes.

 how can i get water out of my ear!?

Spider bite?
I woke up on Wednesday morning with somewhat of a sore, dull pain behind my right ear. I touched that area, thinking maybe I just slept wrong, and it was a kink in my neck, but it was a localized pain, directly behind my ear. I felt a bump, about the size of a quarter. The center of the bump was hard, and the rest of the skin around it was puffy, almost fluid-filled like.
The pain was like a bruise, when touching it. I looked in the mirror, and it didn't look 'red', but it was sure swollen. I had a headache, too. It's been several days now, and I'm still stuck with this headache, and it feels like there's this band of skin, about two inches thick, that is swollen, from ear to ear, along the back of my head, just above the skull bone. It hurts like heck, and I still have this headache. I seen a doctor, who said it was some kind of bite, and gave me antibiotics. It doesn't appear to have any effect, yet. I'm not sure what to make of this. Is it a spider or insect bite? It aches now..

Spent On Rainy Days
Whatever kind of bite it may be, I shall pray for it, that your pain may subside, and that you may be completely healed and free from danger. May the Lord guide you in all things, always redeeming you according to His great faithfulness.
May He act upon my faith.
His mercy endureth forever.


EDIT: Go see a doctor.

Go to a Doctor Immediately!
this could be serious!

Night night, Dont let the spiders Bite! :3

Wow... could it have been a tick bite? (Back of the ear is a prime area for ticks) ... with all the talk of Lyme disease, I would seriously call the doctor and tell him you're still experiencing a headache, etc.

Take antihystamines.
Next time cut a raw potato and hold it on the bit or sting ,It will draw it out same way chewing tobacco will.
I would get a 2nd .opinion.

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