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 my mom got stung by wasps and has a swollen arm.?
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 today i threw up?
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 Is the syrup of ipecac an over the counter remedy?
If so, where can it be bought without a prescription from the doctor....

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VErOniCa <333333
Small cut on my leg???!!?
The other night I was shaving my legs and i accidentally shaved over a zit on my leg. It started bleebing like crazy than it stopped. I forgot about it for a couple days and than yesterday i noticed it was really swolen soo i squeezed it and tons of pus started coming out. I iced it to bring down the swelling and it helped alittle. than i put on some cream made for cuts. Today i looked at it again and it looks basically the same and when i squeezed it again today alittle bit more pus came out. It wa really disgusting. There is still a lot of swelling. Is this ok? It's not purple or anything. Will the swlling go away and is there anyway to get rid of the swelling faster?Is it ok that puss started coming out? Is the swellig normal and do i need to see a coctor or something?

Fire's Shaddow
Infection not injury so you need heat not cold, or alternate if you want to bring down swelling too. Wash it 3 times a day with hot soapy water then put antibiotic cream on it. Heat at least twice a day for 20 min. Should fix you up in a couple days, if not or it gets worse see a doc.

You need to see the doctor. It sounds like there is an infection with the fact that there is pus and swelling.

go to a doctor before its late

(: Britt
whoa whoa girliee.
sounds infected.

go get it checked out before it gets any worse.

I think you probably just had an ingrown hair from shaving earlier, and it really irritated it when you shaved over it again. Yeah i think it should be normal, and the swelling should probably go away soon. Icing it should help with the swelling, and dont shave over it again because that will probably irritate it more

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