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Kristina S
Should I pop my blister?
I know this sounds gross, but should i pop my blister?
Its on my finger and its a reeeeely big bubble.
Is it best to pop it, or leave it alone??
(i got it from my hair straightener, i put it in ice for 2 hours but i guess it didn't work.)

Yes. Pop it.

pop that suka..

pop it, squeeze the liquid out of it, and then seal it up with "new skin" bondage oinment, or really tight witha bandaid or sumit.

yesss do it fast and easy, like a pimple

please answer mine!!!


i just kind of rip my of with my fingers it doesnt really hurt so yeah go crazy

Cherry Cherry Boom Boom
POPPPPP let it squirrtt

well the actual popping of the blister would not do any harm. i personally think its fun lol tht sounds real gross.
but anyway there would be an open sore there and that makes in more vulnrable to staff or some other disease. so in order to prevent it from being infected you should put some medicine on in after you pop it and then a bandaid.

In my experiences, if you pop a fresh blister it will only hurt worse. I've found that if you give a blister like 24 hours of healing time before popping it quickly becomes a non-issue.

Trevor H
When I had a blister from soccer, on my ankle, it popped. It just made the pain worse. I could put a bandage over it and it wouldn't help. So no! Don't pop unless you want more pain.

well it really doesn't matter to much.. however.. if you pop it you will more than likely get a scar and get an infection. if you leave it alone the pus and serum in it will go back it your body and take care of the blister itself.

keep putting some cool water or compress on it so the skin can become tougher and it may still go down. i would just leave it!

uH :-)!!
no it will after popping it

NOOOOOOOOOOO! Don't it may not look good, but your body made it for a reason. You could get infection in it if you pop it.

if it is fairly new pop it but if it is a day or 2 old leave it alone and pop it in a couple of days

don't rip the skin off. that will just make it sting.
stick it with a needle. then pump it full of neosporin. and cover it with a bandage. do the same thing the next day. after about 3 days stop using the neosporin. and just keep it covered for a few more days. then you can stop covering it up after about 5 days. and leave it alone. the skin will dry out and then you can rip it off.

No, do not pop it. It is your skin's way of cooling your burn. If you pop it, the skin will be unprotected from infection.

Either way, keep ice pack on it.

Dr. Turner-Johnson
Just leave it, I know it hurts but you'll do more harm then its worth plus thats raw skin under that blister so it will hurt more if you pull it off.

Yes, pop it and clean it with peroxide. Make sure you use a needle cleaned with rubbing alcohol and your hands are clean too. Also put a band aid with neosporin on it after.

Beverly H
leave it alone, it will get infected if you pop it

dont pop it! let it go down by itself.
protect it and it will go soon!

[ i always end up burning myself with straighteners lol ]

Whichever you do, take a picture of it first.


NEVER ICE A BURN. just so you know. You're supposed to run it under cold water. The ice is what causes the blister.

Don't pop it. It could get infected. If it's really bothering you, you can, but do it with a sterilized needle, drain it, rinse it in alcohol or anti-infection wash, and but a bandaid on it. Change the dressing regularly.


Michael M
No. The fluid helps protect the area. Your skin has lots of bacteria on it known as normal flora. But if you do have to pop it, or it pops on its own you should do a few things to help protect it.
1. Don't peel the skin off
2. Clean the area with soap and water or some other skin cleanser
3. Apply a thin layer of antibiotic ointment and cover with a band aid
3. Continue to watch the area for signs of infection

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