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Should I go to the hospital?
I am scheduled to have surgery in 9 days to remove 2 blabber stones,it has been a very painful ordeal, I saw my doctor last week and he gave me some pain medication but only a few because he said he did'nt want me getting addicted.But I'm in alot of pain,but if I go to the hospital they make you feel like your just looking for drugs.I don't do drugs I just hate being in pain all the time.
Additional Details
I am having the surgery, but the first time I can get it done is june 7th

Call your doctor.

jane d
Try some pain control that you dont need to go to the hospital for. Regular ibprofen, hot packs...if nothing works then just go..but you can try some stuff yourself first.

you need to to drink lots of water to help flush the bladder stones out and to keep you hydrated try 2 tylenol extra strength then if the pain worsens call the doctor and request Tylenol #3 (this is tylenol with codeine) Depending on your age the doctor will probably give you 800mg to take as needed! These are not really drugs but just a med to relac your cns and distract the pain impulses

The important thing is to drink a lot of water and cranberry juice. This will help

We just see so many people looking for drugs or coming in with minor things, ie my tummy hurts, that we become desensitized. Not only that the ER will not be able to do anything for you. Just give an exam, maybe a cat scan or two, call in a consultant, then let you go with more drugs. And what would yo get out of this? ONE HUGE MEDICAL BILL THAT MAY PUT YOU IN BANKRUPTCY! Remember ER Dr's get pain on commission. The more they see the more they make. Best to call your DR. Drink lots of WATER not coffee, Soda, or anything with CO2 and sugar. Keeping well hydrated it will help.

Pain relief does that, it doesn't take away the real cause of it.
I definately think you should go to the hospital. If you are in that much pain they will see. They aren't stupid, and they know a drug addict or someone just looking for drugs a mile off.
You may be lucky and have your surgery brought forward.

Good luck, hope you feel better soon.

i am sorry you are in pain and ignore mr sensitive who said to quit been a baby i would love to see him be in constant pain.
you could try some strong painkillers that you buy from the pharmacy if theese dont work go to the hospital and explain how they are making you feel tell them you have tried all other options and you need help an animal wouldnt be left in so much pain so why should you take care and i am sending you positive thoughts

Go have the surgery hopefully you will have no more pain !!!!!

Why are you asking US?

Do you mean gall bladder stones? I had those a couple of years ago. I remember the pain all too well. I was in such severe pain that I was hospitalized for a couple of weeks before my surgery. I was getting a shot of demerol every 4 hours and still in agony. What have you been eating? If you wanna talk, IM me rhonda_renee_1118.

Try eating foods with as little fat as possible and drink lots of water. No soda or milk or anything like that.

Pain Medication is used to treat pain. If you are in severe pain and your doctor is more worried about creating an addict than in treating the pain, you need to see a better doctor. If you can't, call your doctor and tell him that you need more medication because it's not doing it's job. Take control of your pain and ask the Doctor to do his job. You know your not an addict - so tell him not to treat you like one.

Firstly, parshooter - youve obviously never had this problem because otherwise you'd know how excruciating the pain in.

If your pain is continuing, please please bite the bullet and go to the hospital. June 7th is a good while away and if this is affecting your quality of life you need enough painkiller to last until your surgery.

I know how you feel about them treating you that way, but be brave and go and ask. Youre suffering unnecessarily.

Just go get the surgery done so the stones are removed and then there wont be any pain left.

blabber stones u say, thats serious
u better go get surgery then

13th Floor
I think they are being cruel by refusing to give you additonal pain medication. If they continue to refuse, you may want to try the over-the-counter bladder pain medication
called AZO-STANDARD. There are also a couple of more (whose names I can't remember now). They are usually purchased for bladder infection pain, but you may find them to do the trick for you. Just go to any drug store and ask where the bladder analgesic is located. Good Luck.

[email protected]
If i was you i would get me some pain medicine to take the pain away don't worry about what others think about you because you know that you are not on drugs but need something for pain. Your surgery date is not to far out get the medicine you need but don't get addicted.I wish you the best and my God bless you

I hate being in pain too. When you go to the ER or DR or Urgent Care or whoever, you have to know how to ask for the pain meds in a round about way without actually ASKING for pain meds. Talk about the pain, wince in pain, Even get to crying if you can...tell them you are hurting. Which I am sure you are.

Don't mention at all to the dr's or nurses that "I know it looks like I am seeking meds, but I am not", "I am not addicted, I am just in pain". Don't do any justification at all. It makes it look bad.

Also, if it is Monday and you can't get a hold of your regular dr, go to urgent care (more likely than ER to give you pain meds) and say that you have 2 blatter stones and that you are in extreme pain. Or you may be able to go in with no explaination of the pain and let them do the testing on you and then just say you will go to your regular dr for help, but ask "what do I do about the pain in the meantime?" then they may give you something.

Then, Tuesday, call the regular dr and say that you are still in extreme pain, and that the meds are either gone or used or something. Ask the nurses "Is there any way for the dr to call me in something else for pain? If he doesn't want to give me more of this med (since he thinks it is addictive) then can he please give you something else for the pain?" Explain the amount of pain you are in.

You have to hit these dr's just right to make sure they prescribe for you...

ask for nine days worth, no more, no less.

Obviously the person that answered before me and called you a baby has never had stones. They are extremely painful!!!!

Anyway, I went through the same thing when I was waiting for back surgery. Unfortunately, the junkies of this world have made the hospital personnel suspicious of everyone. Don't let them treat you like that. I finally went to the patients advocate of the hospital, and she informed me that it is illegal for them to let you remain in pain like that.
If you have surgery scheduled then inform them of that and let them know that you cannot handle the pain. Hopefully your doctor works out of that hospital and they should be able to verify that surgery is soon. Pain is a terrible strain on your heart as well, DO Not let them treat you like a druggie, go in there and let them know whats going on. If they deny you meds ask them to send for the patients advocate(every hospital has one) and take it from there.

No One deserves to remain in Pain. If they arent trained to tell the difference between a patient and a junkie then something needs to be done.

Good Luck, I know you are in alot of pain, I hope it's better for you soon.

Take some Motrin 800mg for pain.
Hang in there or go to the ER...but whatever you do get the surgery done to relieve the pain.
You did not say if this was Gall Bladder or Urinary Bladder?

Definitely get some pain medication. Can you not get it from a pharmacist? What my mother did was look at the ingredients on her super pain medication, then bought the separate ingredients at the pharmacy, ie. codiene, ibuprofen and paracetemol, then medicated herself with a few of each as per the ingredient list and quantities.

Your doctor's reasoning for not giving you enough pain medication is a very controlling one. I don't understand why he would want you to be in pain.

Ms Fortune
call your doctor, tell him you are in extreme pain, and ask him to call a prescription in to your pharmacy that can last you until the operation, no doctor wants their patient to be in pain, and there are plenty of pain killers they can prescribe that will not result in an addiction from taking them for 9 or 10 days..if he is not cooperative then go to the emergency room, they may admit you and do the operation soon if necessary! best wishes! don't suffer in silence, get help now!!

†Lucifer's angel
Just tell yourself that you need the medicine for your pain.

Go and ask your doctor; I'm sure he knows better and can advice you more accurately than all of us here together!

Tell them you are in pain, but tell them specifically that you don't want something that will cause addiction. that will ease their worries.

Go, by all means. All painkillers are not addicting; just the opium-like drugs for very severe pain. The painkillers given will depend upon the severity of pain.

Call your doctor and ask him, if you really are in that much pain go to the hospital.

Consult with your physician. Being in pain for extended periods doesn't help you recover.

Call your doctor and tell him how you feel. Have him call your pharmacy with a perscription for just enough meds to get you through until your surgery. If you run out before then, you'll have to ask yourself if you truly are getting hooked on them, even though you don't "do" drugs. Pain medication can be a monster, especially when it wears off before the next dose is due. I also know how those emergency room docs can make you feel when you tell them you're in pain. But, they gotta be because there are too many who ARE looking for a fix. My husband had kidney stones, so I know that you're in a lot of pain. I hope all goes well for you. <*)))><

So go get the stones out and quit being a baby.

Call your Drs. answering service & tell them you are still
in alot of pain. Your doctor or his service should get back
to you with a new Rx.
Some doctors are skiddish right now because this great
administration seems to think suffering is better than pain
meds. (Just let them get sick!)
Before you have your surgery, ask your Dr. what you can have
for pain post-operatively. Tell him that you have a low
tolerance for pain.
I don't get this new medicine, I don't believe anyone should
suffer in this day & age, & I am a nurse.

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