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George W. Boot Ducker
Should I cut my pinky off?
I have a problem with giving people the finger (the middle one) well I was thinking if I cut my pinky off I wont have a middle finger so this may avoid a lot of problems. Then again is a thumb a finger? perhaps i don't have a middle finger???

Should I do it anyway?

Mahmoud Ahmadinejad
if you cut off your pinky, then you could just give it to them and there would be no mistake

be sure you ask for it back so you can use it again

mee <3
good thought, but dont do it lol
just do something more simple, like tape down your fingers or something :p


Go for it.lmao.

Sam D
just put up your middle and pointy finger, it's how they give the middle finger in Britain, so you can give people the finger without them knowing it.

start to use the pinky finger instead to flick people off that way they don't know what your doing and you know what it means instead of really hurting someones feeling so don't cut off your pinky

Give me a break!! There is a radio show that I listen to called "Free Beer and Hot Wings" and this morning they wondered if anyone would cut off their finger for a million dollars (they were totally kidding of course). Get real!!


lol ouch DO IT!

Sara Purple

that would be something funny to say to people for a reason for cutting it off if you actually did cut it off

cheezwhiz in my poop


Don,t cut, use BBQ sauce! HaHa JK! No, you need your middle finger for holding jars and such.

triple a


You've got two hands...

Jennifer L.
lol, i wouldn't cut it off. because i assume you have more than one hand!

in addition, since the thumb is not a finger anyways, if you cut off your pinky your third finger will still be a middle finger.

and also, even if you do count the thumb, murphy's law will probably make your thumb fall off..as funny as that would be i think it would be less funny in your shoes :)

No, I think you should cut off your middle one, then when you do go to flip someone off it looks like your just giving them the fist.

Yes cut off your pinky, no the thumb is not a finger, it is a thumb, and maybe ram your cranium against a brick wall 5 or 6 times for good measure.

if you have a hard time stopping yourself from flicking people off, i would try do something to suppress your anger, not cut off a useful finger (especially at home! you could get infected and have to get your whole hand and eventually your arm cut off if you amputate something yourself!!!!!!) i would suggest trying something like yoga or knitting.

so don't do it.

youre special.

No i dont think you should. But if you do, you should do the same to the other.

Maybe you should try a bit futher up... say, your neck?

Ridiculous question.

It's not the "middle" part that angers people, it's the "finger" part.

judith l
wouldnt solve the problem, you still have one on the other hand.

:) Lissa Lou :)
don't cut you pinky off just stop flipping people off

Guitar Guy 109
instead of cutting it off yourself, you should go somewhere public and get it cut off in a maching or something and then you can sue the people that own the place for millions of dollars!! that way you won't have a middle finger, AND you would be rich!! =P

you're still wack though! ;-D

mom of 4
Not ask dumb questions

it worked for me.

Just cut all your fingers off.........problem solved

I think it would be easier to stop flipping people off.

whoa...you are RIGHT, we have no middle "finger"
just a thumb and four fingers
so, no reason to start cutting

pinky SAVED

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