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Reasons for supporting neck if moving an injured person ?
Okay so if you find someone hurt and unconcious and you HAVE to move them, what are two reasons for supporting their neck when moveing them ?

I was thinking 1 was incase they have spinal injuries. Whats another ? Thanks!

turn them on their side and be sure their spine is alright if not then assure them they are safe and wait for a trained proffesinal

you should take a class about this you might like it!

To prevent causing or worsening an existing spinal injury

And to maintain a secure airway.

Go Pens
Yes your right one is for spinal injuries and that is the most important one. You also don't want to move it if it is broken as you can cause more damage.

Will P
1. Paralysis
2. Brain Damage

David L
You are correct. Improper movement with a neck injury can cause permanent paralysis. However, if someone is involved in a car accident, and they are injured or pinned inside their car and its on fire, I guess the choice is take the chance of being paralyzed or burning to death.
Neck injuries can lead to other spinal problems, so its just best to play it safe and immobilize the neck to protect the victim.

how detailed is this answer supposed to be (i.e. is this like a health class or EMS or First Responder or something). As an EMT, we always always always put a c-collar on trauma patients for spinal immobilization (and other stuff like a KED - a vest that restricts motion of the thoracic spine - and strap them to a backboard if necessary) and stuff like that to prevent further spinal damage.

The other thing is definitely airway. For sure. On an EMT/paramedics list of priorities, C-spine and ABCs (airway, breathing, and circulation) are near the very top. Although for a regular trauma patient we would use the 'head-tilt-chin-lift' maneuver, for a person with suspected c-spine fracture we would use the 'jaw thrust' because it opens the airway but minimizes movement of the neck. But yeah keeping the neck relatively straight is key for an open airway - too far forward and the throat is obstructed because it's kind of narrowed at the weird angle, and too far back the tongue can fall back and block the throat.
So yeah, C-spine and airway

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