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lots of love
Please Help! Should I Go To The ER? Emergency! Please Help!?
Hello, I am 15 years old and recently I have been experiencing terrible flank pain on left side. I noticed the pain about six weeks ago when I became unable to urinate. I told doctors and they sent me home with medicine and a catheter. Since I saw my doctor my pain has increased, I feel dizzy and sleepy, I have had a high fever, swelling in the back, and i want to vomit at times. I feel horrible and when I tell my mom she ignores me because she thinks I want to get out of school. I don't know what to do, Im worried somethings seriously wrong! Should I go to the ER or what? I cant take the pain anymore and my mom just refuses to believe me or do anything! Please help! Any Suggestions? Should I Go to the ER? Please Help!

CALL THE DOCTOR.. see what they say.
i have no idea what it could be... but call yourself. tell them everything.
they will tell you to get in fast. if your mom wont do anything...
have a neighbor. or a friend
and if you have to go to the ER have a friend//neighbor drive you since your mom doesnt believe you.

It sounds although you have some sort of kidney or liver problem. I suggest you go to ER now.

Yes you should go to the ER! It could be kidney stones which are very serious...and VERY painful! And whats the worst that could happen if its something minor??....A $25 bill....?? I'd go NOW!

No if you have a time to be on line, you are fine.

yes. it sounds serious. you should probably go to the ER. Maybe try getting another family member to take you. If you really can't get to an ER, go to your school nurse as soon as you can.

The only problem that everyone looks like there forgetting is that an ER will not see her without a parents permission. And your mom needs to sign the permission form. calling 911 is a better idea for your mom to take you serious but the samething applies with parental permission. (if all else fails call 911 without your moms permission, if paramedics come she may have to give permission)

GO TO THE ER!!! You need to do it, and if your mom wont take you ,find somebody who will, or call for a cab if you need to. You need to go though, and very soon...tonight, if you are able.

Good luck!

danielle adamson
yes go to the er get well soon

1) first question. Do you still have the catheter in?
2) can you pass urine?
3) how high is fever?
4) what else did doctor say?
5) what meds did doctor give you?
6) yes. please go to ED

ah thats a ten four id go now before you die lol

Mad Larkin
sweetie, stop wasting your time typing this, and get over to the nearest hospital ASAP. there is something wrong.

yess. i think you should.
and tell your mom i said she is a ******!!!!!!!!!
i hope you figure it outt.

hope i helpedd(:

Life is good.♥
Yah.. I'd go if I were you.. And soon..

I think you should go to the hospital now just in case.

Go to the ER. If your mom won't take you get a neighbor or a friend's mom to. You really should go though

take motrin first fo the pain.
talk to ur mom€ and try to convince her, u shouldn't be feeling that

fck wat your mom says! go!

Lovee (:

GET TO THE ER! and if your mom doesnt beleive you get someone else to take you honestly if you have to call the ambulance do it, because it sounds serious

ummm honey!

Yes sweetness, get to the ER, k? Get well soon.

c. cotten
go 2 the ER!!!! GOOOOO!


Oh, my dear.

That flank pain is from a urinary tract infection which has gotten worse and now you likely have urosepsis and will require IV antibiotics and hospital admission.

Go to the ER right away. Call 911 if you have to, so that your mom will take you seriously.

If you don't get medical attention the infection could get even worse and kill you, and we can't have that.

Get well soon!

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