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My husband sleep the whole day till he goes to work & he sleeps for whole day during sun&satdays what d reason
My husband sleeps for whole day when he is on leave and on other days he sleeps late till 12. Actually he has the work shift of 3pm to 12 am. He also has the prblm of taking self decision why is it so.Actually he take decision regarding his work but when it come to the family matters he do it as his parents tells him to do. Is it because that he is drug addict or he was a drug addict or is it because he have some mental problem.

perhaps you r the lazy person, so therefore you r not doing much ,like taking care of your son ,doing things that you r suppose to do in the house , be a lovely house wife to him . so he feels to do much more.

He may be just worn out from work and needs the rest. If he is still acting like he is tired all the time even after resting that long; then he should go see his doctor and have himself check out. He may be the kind of person who doesn't like making decisions on his own. Or he may look to his parents as experts on the subjects. It really depends on how much advice he is asking them. If he goes to them for every little thing; then perhaps the two of you should go seek out a marriage counselor.

Your husband is a normal person. Workload due to abnormal timing some time causes passiveness. You must care and motivate him. Try to match your timing as well.

Change your way of your dressing style.

Appear like an enthralling species.

keep lots of jasmine flower. Use pleasant perfume.

Wear Sarry. If needed Half-sarry.

Make u r husband to eat ripened coconut.

Thats it.( u have to attract him) Then let me know.

If it is done then u r sleep has been deprieved.

Sounds like he's using drugs and is worn out from his mistress.

He loves himself and beauty sleep more than he loves you ...

Probably a mental problem or I mean decision making problems...leave his rusty can and allow someone to treat you better

It could be any of your suggestions. Is he on drugs? This may have a lot to do with it. Is he depressed? This is a very likely cause of both the sleepiness, the inability to make important decisions and the cause of drug and/or alcohol use. Also, some other medical problems can cause similar symptoms. Try asking him about his recent habits and encourage him to seek professional help. Good luck!

love is soo complicated
you should talk to him. When he is not on drugs or anything. Just normal him. If that doesnt work maybe a marriage council or something. But that does seem weird.

sounds like depression

did he or is he doing drugs? that could definitely be an issue if he is. He may be depressed or anxious. Or he may have something as simple as mono or a sinus infection. I would take a good look at how long this has been going on, what your relationship is like and if he seems happy. Then go from there. Either make an appointment with the doctor or counselor -- maybe both. Also, don't overlook your possible part in this. Maybe the two of you together can work on this.

all i can tell you is...yikes. you need to sit him down and talk. he is your husband afterall, so tell him how you're feeling.

If he is a drug adict..then that is the problem.
Other than that it sounds like he gets the oomph worked out of him. What kind of work does he do?
Maybe he is depressed. Maybe he is sick of work...or sick of home..
Something is wrong....

he is either depressed or does not want to hang out with you

i wish i can help but sorry i don't know

Could be he is depressed. Or there could be something physical causing the problem. Try to get him to a Doctor for a check up.

He sleeps so much because he is tired.

He does what his parents tell him to do because he has no spine.

sounds like depression or lack of energy for some reason.

everything you said here on this site to strangers---you need to say to your husband---you two are as one--dontcha know?

He's tired of life with you, so sleep is his escape.

Hey-- you asked!

Kayla born 8/18/09 <3
Maybe because he still listens to what his parents want him to do and has no sense of responsibility. He needs to seek help for depression or drug use or something. There is no excuse for a man to act like that, cause honestly that's not being a man. He should tell his parents to stay out of his business, because its not fair to you. Hope things work out :)

Sounds like depression or lack of interest in life. He lives for his job and nothing else. Try to have him seek help in the form of counseling.

Your husband seems to be on a second shift work schedule. There is nothing wrong with him. But when he comes home from work he isn't ready to go straight to bed. He needs time to wind down. And by that time it could be 1 or 2 in the morning. This is very normal for someone who works any shift other than first.
People who don't work, or work first shift can not understand someone who works second or third shift. It's not the same amount of sleep nor is it the same quality of sleep.
Don't worry he is fine....

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