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 I was bitten by a squirrel, should I be worried?
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 I burned my finger with the hair straightener, it made a bubble on my finger..?
what do i do to it?

its looks gross....

 I have a REALLY bad sun burn, what is a way to make it heal faster?
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 What can I do for my son's sunburn pain?

 how do I get a ring off a swollen finger?
I've tried vasoline and waiting till I wasn't so swollen (any suggestions for that?) Cant get it off and it's cutting into my finger! Do I have to cut the ring itself off????

My girlfriend can barely move all of a sudden, says she feels numb and is in pain. What's going on?
We were doing cocaine last night, after we finished we were lying in bed, about an hour later I noticed my girlfriends eyes were still open. Now she can barely talk or move, says her body is numb. She can move a little bit, but says she feels pain when I touch her or talk to her. She also mentioned a wierd ringing in her head and that her heart was beating fast. Does anybody know what this could be (no not an overdose)?

Why are you asking us?? Call an ambulance! Gee, I am glad your're not my boyfriend.


Call 911 RIGHT NOW!!!

How do you know it's not an overdose??? Are you a doctor???
(God, I hope not!)

u need to take her to the ER immidiately!! her systems could be shutting down from an overdose, her heart could possibly be on the verge of stopping or her brain could be swelling

~ Autum Girl ~
Take her to the hospital and stop using drugs

very stupid on both of yalls part can u dail........9..1..1 geez why u take time to ask on the comp when u should be at the hospital already

go to the hospital ....its called consequences from doing dumb drugs. now you have to deal with it

car rod
why have you not taken her to the doctor? they are good at finding out what is wrong with people. especially if you care about her... you should want her to be out of pain. I know that there is a disorder that causes extreme pain when the person is being touched because of a hyper sensitive pain receptors... I hope she's ok.

Swarnendu C
why have you not taken her to the doctor? they are good at finding out what is wrong with people. especially if you care about her... you should want her to be out of pain. I know that there is a disorder that causes extreme pain when the person is being touched because of a hyper sensitive pain receptors... I hope she's ok.


imma have to say you should call 911....sounds serious

turtle girl
1. CAn the person smile?
2. Can they raise both arms above their head?
3. Can they speak a sentence?

CAll 911.

I think you're girlfriend may have had a stroke. CALL 911 now, this is a matter of life or death. Drug abuse, particularly with cocaine is a major factor in the incidence of stroke in young adults. She needs to go to the ER.

sounds like a stroke to me gosh Ur dumb just letting her lay their Now u two have to pay the consequences

Drink Lots of Water
Eat Something (even if shes not hungry)
Try not to think about it!
if none of that works then go to the hospital.
i wouldnt want to go to the hospital right away if i were you either, my man and i know what your going through. Good Luck!

get ur butt off the comp. and call 911......she needs help

A mini-stroke. I recommend going to the ER. They cannot report you to the authorities.

Oh boy, I don't know!
Maybe you both did too much cocaine..?

I hope she's ok she's not pregnant right it sounds to me that numbness is a sound of a sroke but im not a doctor but she should go to emergency! maybe u should stay of the drugs guys for real just say no!

HOSPITAL NOW...dont give her food or water in case the swallowing muscles aren't working...just GO if u do nothing and she stops breathing or starts to seize u will b in trouble for not rendering aid...good luck to her and quit with the drugs

not a clue but cant be good i would suggest a trip to the hospital before it gets worse.

Edna BambSHUT UP
her body might be using all of its resources to filter out the drugs. Get her to a doctor NOW. And dont worry about being arrested.

Well, I guess that all depends on how much of the drug you did. And how you were doing it. There could have been something else cut into the cocaine, for example. I'd suggest no more drugs, give her some water, and take her to see a Doctor. It's better to be safe than sorry.

first of all (DRUGS) shouldnt be doing it thats what she get and if she dies that what u get

does she have tunnel vision? because if she does it could be called a k-hole. It has the same symptoms as you have just described. It's symptoms from doing to much ketamine or coke possibly. She should get over it but you should still take her to go see a doctor just in case something happened.

Sweet Jesus! Get her to a doctor and stop playing with the computer!

Call 9-1-1 !

You need to get her to an emergency room. It is possible that she is having a major neurological episode. If she had a tiny blood clot anywhere in her body, the additional stress of the cocaine might have cut that loose. Please see a doctor immediately.

I think you need to stop playing with the computer and go get some help. This could be serious and her girlfriend could be dying or something

she definatly had too much call an ambulance

1. go to the emergency room ....NOW. 2. stop doing drugs.

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