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plz help! i keep itching! any household items?
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 What made you smile today?

Additional Details
mine isnt even close to a first degree burn.. way below. it isnt that ...

 My husband has poison ivy.....BAD?
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 What is the quickest and best way to heal a sunburn?

Is watching television one of the causes for obesity??

kool guy
yeah may be...tahts why its called the IDIOT-BOX

depends what you are eating whilst watching it!

yes indirectly it is. there are people who spend hours in front of the televison and eat a lot . due to lack of excercise and excess food intake they tend to become obese.

The actual TV is not the problem. Its what your doing while you watch it. Most people sit on their a*sses and eat.

ur sexy gal
yes and no. People get obes bcoz they stick their lazy a-ss-es on the couch the whole day without doing exercise. And the chances of being obes is higher. Say if you watch tv, then, have a walk around the park etc, doesn't eat junk food while watching tv, tthen the chances for being obes is lower :)

like me, sometimes i watch tv the whole day, but, but i'm not afraid of being obes, bcoz i walk to school under the blazing hot sun everyday :)

Watching tv doesn't not make you obese, but sitting around and watching tv instead of going outside and exercising can contribute to obesity.

Shining Star
Indirectly, yes:

1. You get sluggish from the positive ion radiation
2. So you sit there like mesmerized & don't do exercise
3. You watch all these sumptuous ads
4. And then you go out & buy the advertised yummies
5. And then you come back and eat them while watching tv

real cycle, eh?

ok course sitting instead of moving come one you knew that answer without even asking that's like asking is the sky blue

No...1,0000's of people watch TV and are not obese.

Junk food and binging on snack food in between Meals causes obesity.
The wide availability and home delivery services causes these problems.
I would say that Computer games would be more directly the likely cause of this.
There is less obesity in countries where children still play outside and enjoy fresh air and do not have access to computer games.

1.Society,modernization,technology and the way we live causes it.

2.Less and less mothers cook 2 good square meals a day
this is due to most have careers and don't have time.

3.children from an early age have money to spend on junk food.Which is deliberately aimed and priced with them in mind.

5.Junk food Restaurants are cleverly situated near to schools,therefore being accessible on the way to school, lunch time and on the way home.

6.Children would prefer to eat a fat ridden, MSG product(that has a free toy) than something(meat and 2 veg) there mother prepares.

7.Tiredness,laziness and the busy schedule we all have doesn't help.

corporate merchandising, franchising and brain washing causes obesity in children

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