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Is this stuff gonna kill me?!?
i went to a friends house and he gave me a little bag of vitamin K he got from a friend. i just did it and he called and told me it was a 1000 mg of dxm. my body is starting to feel really rigid and i can feel absolutely no pain at all. am i going to die?


Fenris Wolf
80mg / day is the normal dosage for an adult male. 1000 mg is stupid, but probably not stupid enough to kill you.

This is all assuming it's the real Vitamin K. Ketamine also goes under the nickname "Vitamin K" and if that's what you took, you are in for something ugly.

You will live to go on and become a Darwin award champion!

Your dose got bigger! It was 750 mg last time.
That's still not enough to kill you unless you're freakishly skinny though, just about enough for marathon puking and a possible Grade A freak out.

I would go to hospital as it may be an overdose, a good lesson here never accept anything from anyone saying it is vitamins i have included a link for you to look at www.dxmstories.com/dxm_drug.html

It's hard to say since you don't know what you took. Sounds like you're gonna be "tripping balls"!

Always know what you're taking before you take it.

If it really is 1000 milligrams of DXM, then you are in for a very strange ride, but it won't kill you. You'd run the risk of death at 2500 milligrams.

However, special K is a common name for ketamine, another dissociative drug with basically the same effects. In that case your risk of death comes from the route you took the drug. If you snorted it, you've breached anesthetic territory. You won't be able to remember anything from the experience, but you will most likely wake up. If you ate it(?) then you're gonna experience a very very strong K-hole and then most definitely black out. If you injected it, you're screwed.

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