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hi i am 20 yrs old



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 Can a doctor help?
Today at school we disected a frog. and my friend cut me with a probe,on "accident", and then i poked him with the tweezers.
i made him wash it off his hands cold water and soap and ...

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I was thinking 1 was incase they have spinal ...

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Is seasalt good for ear piercing?

I don't think you want to put salt on any wounds. That'd probably be a bad idea.

kitty kat
Warm diluted salt water would be a good idea, but defintely not straight salt - it would sting like crazy!

Yes, a mild solution of sea salt is all you should be using to clean your piercing (1/8 tsp sea salt to 8oz warm water, 10 mins each time, 2-3 times per day)

draconic dog
a few years ago a friend of mine had some specialized piercings done and she was given a seasalt spray, H2Ocean, to use as a disinfectant. so i'd say the salt is kosher.

Princess Gracie
I just took my daughters to get their ear pierced last Saturday. We too they to an actual piercer...not a *claires* The two things the piercer recommended for cleaning freshly pierced ears were saline solution for cleaning contact lenses and non iodized sea salt water. He said to not use rubbing alcohol, hydrogen peroxide, bactine, iodine or ointments. He also recommended some soaps for piercings not on the ears, Satin and Provon, these soaps are germicidal soaps. Hope this helps!

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