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 My neighbor's daughter just got stung by a SCORPION today.?
What precautions can I take to make sure my 3 year old son doesn't get stung by one....

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 how to stop nausea?

 What do you think of the danger of radiation from x-rays?
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Do you think you are in danger? Do you think it's completely safe? Let'...

I tripped over and hit my head off some railings. I stood up and someone asked me if I was ok I didn't know who they were but they said we had been friends since nursery. They asked me what my ...

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 something's wrong with my eye?
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 Bloody nose lasting 7-8 hours, off and on . . .?
Two weeks ago I had sinus surgery and a septoplasty (straightening of the septum) and today, I went to have some splints removed and ever since I left I have had a bloody nose. It is not coming out ...

 How do I get the my knee to stop itching?
I was playing outside with my friends and scraped my knee 5 days ago. Its healing right now, and my knee is itching really bad every day and its getting annoying. How do I make it stop?...

 ear wax stuck in my ear help?
i have ear wax stuck in my ear and it is giving me a ear ache and i cant hear **** i have tried q tips but they just push it deeper i tried a bobby pin and it wont work any other @ home methods that ...

 should i wear sunblock in the winter?

 What if I smoke weed and get drunk?
at the same ...

 What should i put on my toddlers spider/ant bites?
shes 25 months old. when she woke up she had bites on her. first it was small then throughout the day it swelled up like a spider bite. after we looked closely we saw the 2 bite marks. She has 4 ...

 i have a 2 year old and she got stung by a bee on her knee and it is hot and now she acts like she can't walk?

 Help! I'm on fire, what do I do?
Please answer quickly, it really hurts and it's getting hard to breathe. Thanks =)...

 If i,m suffering from crack lips what's the cause, implication, what's cure or treatment, what's diagnosis?
.since then ,my lip is always dry and scales over my lower lips....

 My bum whole is bleeding help please?
okay soo i went to the toilet in the morning and i had a normal poo it didn't hurt, and i wiped and found alot of blood i thought it was my period but i wiped the front and there was no blood so ...

funky angel
Is it dangerous to have a shower when there's lightning?

ms y m
I heard yes...i think it's because water has electricity and it attracts the lightning or something like that...scary..

not unless you are showering outside in a metal tub.

I believe that to be an old wives tale....my husband told me that when we first got married.

depends if you're naked or wet

I think so, so I avoid taking showers during a storm. I suggest you should, too. It's hygiene or death.

California Bear
From a theoretical perspective, it could be dangerous to shower while a lightning storm is occurring. The reason for this is that most homes have a sewage vent line on the roof. If lightning were to strike that vent, there is a possibility that electricity could travel through the metal pipes to the shower drain and through the water into your body.

In reality, there are many more attractive targets for lightning such as electrical lines and poles or a television antenna.

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