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 how can i get stop my throat from hurting?

Additional Details
its because i was at a basket ball game and i was yelling very loud.will it go away or should I do sumthn? Oh and i tried to gargle salt water,and i just gagged and i ...

 Splinter in my foot... can I leave it in?
So a piece of wood, several inches in length, somehow made it off of the floor which had (I assume rapid rise and drop in temperature) cracked... I got out the part that was sticking out, but there�...

 There's a ghost in my closet?
nO, Im not 5, im 22. The other night I woke up and spotted a black figure making its way toward my bed. I stared at it for a moment and it vanished, but boy did it feel weird in my room after that (...

 how can i calm a really sore throat?
it is swollen at the back of my ...

 what the f*** happened with my finger!?
basically 10 mins ago i woke up from having a nap and discovered my little finger's skin and nail had been almost ripped to bits WTF happened
Additional Details
and im typing with ...

 Bee Sting Symptons, Whats normal?
ok so i got stung by a bee and its raised around the sting. its circular. red, itchy, warm, throbbing. This Normal? What will make it ok? Home remedies?...

 my eye lid is a bit swollen?
and its very watery. whats wrong?
how can i get the swelling to go down? [its barley swollen but im worried it will get worse] it was just like that when i woke up. and i iced it for 5 minutes. ...

 I just went to the doctor and she said I was Near Sighted with -0.5 and -0.75, is that bad?
I have never had glasses before and know nothing about wearing them or vision for that matter. I don't even really understand the whole process but I just know that my perscription was for -0.5 ...

 I've been itching a lot lately, did my girlfriend give me crabs?

 how would i remove a splinter from my nephew's foot?
i tried using a tweezer but it ain't working
is there something i can put on it to make come out a bit?
any suggestions?...

 If I don't eat much to save money, is it still anorexia?
I don't really have weight issues, but I'd rather spend my money on education than buy lots of food. I mean I still eat. Yesterday I had a bagel for breakfast, a granola bar for lunch, and ...

 anybody knows what to put on a scratch to heal extremely fast???!!?
:( today is thurstday nd i hav prom on saturday ... i need to know if anyone knows what to put on a scratch so it would heal and to make matters worst it ON MY FOREHEAD!!! UGHHH...

 hi! my boyfriend has a unbarrable bump on his buttcrack its swollen and it looks bruised. what could it be?
its not a spider bite. its at the top of his crack, it looks and feels bruised. its not bleeding or oozing anything.
Additional Details
its not herpies....

 my throat is always full of plegm. I'm always having to clear my throat, what can I use get rid of phlegm?

 Which cartoon character do you prefer on your Band-Aids?
I like Curious George myself.
Additional Details
(I also like the purple glow-in-the-dark Harry Potter ones.)...

 My ear hurts! whats wrong?
My ear has been irritating me lately its very itchy and seems like there is extra discharge. then I noticed on a q-tip blood.
now when I eat my ear pops and it hurts to eat! whats up with this? ...

 Why can't you have aspirin in a first aid box?

 How do I get the itch out of a Mosquito bite?

 Did I break my finger or what?
Well last week, I got into a fist fight with another girl in my school. Well right after the fight pain went all through my palm and hand. I went the nurse and she just gave me ice. I can't bend ...

 i think that i'm bipolar?
for the longest time I had these problems within myself and surrounding people. I been having mood swings. I been studying bipolar disorders and I think that I got it. What do I do next? I'm 14 ...

Is 5ft 10 in?
tall for a 14yr old? short? average?
Additional Details
I'm a male


Tall im 18 and only 5'7

it's pretty tall. i think anything above 5'5" is tall enough.

i have seen taller fourteen year old but everyone is tall to me (4 '11.5") it's aLittle above ave.

most definitely tall!

that is tall for a 14 year old boy

middle,dont worry about what others have to say

Flaming Pope
its advearge, im 15 and im 5-11

im 14 and im 6 feet tall exactly and my doctor sais i am extremely tall for my age it dose depend on etheticity and stuff and my doctor said that an average height for a 14 yearo ld male is between 5 foot to 5" 5"

It ok height for your age, dont worry you wont stop growing. you should be happy ure tall. ull get more girls than short guys.

Short! i'm 5ft 10in and im 11!

its tall, not abnormal but tall

Default User
It is a little above average, which is a good thing. It's the perfect height. My brother recently turned 15 and is at least 6ft, which is taller than most of his friends and around the same height as most adult men, so you're fine.


That's tall for a 14 year old. And you can still grow. Even if you stop growing and that's your final height, that's still pretty good.


♥Thanks For All The Fish♥
LAME... try again...

I think it is tall for that age...

tall. I'm 14 and am 5" 1.5' with shoes

5" 10" is taller than average for an adult, but you may have stopped growing by 14, or you could be about to hit a growth spurt. It doesn't really matter though because it is hard to reverse this process :-)

Pigskin Princess
It might be a little above average, but it will even out eventually. I wouldn't worry about it.

tall but don't worry about basket ball playerin the future

dude, i'm almost 15 and almost 6ft. It is tall. I am taller than most parents some 18 year olds. i don't know if it is average or not.

Coffee-Infused Insomniac

It's a little tall; the average height for an adult male is only 5'9" or 10".

tall!im 13 and im only 5'1 or 5'2

thatas a monster size. im tall too at 15. 5 "10 is huge. theres guys in the nba like iverson thats 6"0. ur gonna be tall. be a basketball player

A little tall in my experience. But maybe you just hit your growth spurt early. And it's good, cuz girls usually like tall guys.

average. Im 15 and 5'10. My friend is 6'2 almost 6'3 and hes 15. I have a friend whose 6'5 and hes 13. It ranges. We are all white by the way for the race guy.

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