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If I don't eat much to save money, is it still anorexia?
I don't really have weight issues, but I'd rather spend my money on education than buy lots of food. I mean I still eat. Yesterday I had a bagel for breakfast, a granola bar for lunch, and a piece of french toast for dinner.

swimmer mom
think health.

I hate stupid People!
forgive me but if you think your fat and this is your diet then yes it is
but if you would like to eat more but your buget does not allow it then no and i suggest looking for non-profit org that give away food!
btw i am in the same boat top ramin & rice are your best friend

It's not an eating disorder if it's due to money but it's still unhealthy. Try to buget yourself with some protein and vegtables even if you have to get cheap can brands and wait for sales. Eat healthy food like eggs, vetables, peanut butter ect...

aeting a well balanced diet is more important than the cost you will eventually make your self ill by not eating a well balanced diet

my name is not Susan
It depends. I don't know you personally, but not eating to save money sounds like an excuse an anorexic would use (along w/ they already ate, are only eating healthy, etc.). If you are thin and see yourself as fat, you could be anorexic. If you are 85% or lower of your minimal weight and/or have stopped menstruating, you are probably anorexic. However, since you made this post, I assume you either don't have a problem b/c generally anorexics will deny that anything is wrong, or that you do have an eating disorder and are proud of how little you eat.

Tamicka T
lol @ mrs dynomite

no of course not! When you are anorexic it means that you don't eat anything

Cutting your diet back to a bagel, nut bar and bread is a terrible idea. You will soon run into problems of not being able to perform your educational duties. You will run into problems of lack of nutrition, energy, and motivation because of such a small diet. Best advice is shop smart and clip coupons, and look for sales (especially buy1 get 1 free deals).

I have had problems in school, because of these issues and have seen others. Best advice: try to work out a good bud jet that includes getting good food.

**EDIT** See if there is a nutritionist at your school that you could talk to about these issuse. They may be able to assit in creating a Healthy / Low-cost plan that you could work with.

the mind cant really function without a good meal everyday.Just learn how to save so that when you do want to eat you'll know you can buy whatever you want and still have money left in your pockets

Thats not even a snack.
i undersand saving money for edu. but dang u still need daily calories to keep ur immune system and to keep healthy.

Is it healthy, no, but is it anorexia, still no. Anorexia is a mental disorder in which you view yourself as fat, it does not sound like this is how you feel.

I would suggest you eat better, the consequences can affect you longer in life than you may expect. Some always cheap foods (not very nutritious, but filling and cheap) are rice, oatmeal, and potatoes. These can be used as the staples to sustain you, and with the money you save through purchasing these items in place of granola bars you can afford a little more nutrition on the side, maybe some fruit or vegetables.

no,its called being black!!!!!!!!!!theres been PLENTY of days that what you had sounded like a full course meal to our family.everyone struggles and its not healthy to eat so little but when your education finally gets you where you wanna be you'll look back and laugh at these times and you'll appreciate your success even more.good luck!

its not anorexia........ but it is pretty stupid!
you need a balanced diet - try some fruit and veg - they're cheap!!

nope I do this all the time! I make sure I have adequate nutrition but at times when im broke, food is the first thing I pinch! so I eat oatmeal, cheap store brand is $1.50 for a canister, bags of whiting frozen fish are $4 for like 10 pieces!
eggs...cheap! so im getting lots of protein from fish and eggs, fiber and grains from oatmeal, and as for veggies I get carrots and spinache......
bags of whole potatoes are only $3
my whole grocery bill for two weeks can seriously be $20 its amazing!!!!!!!!!!
I dont eat/like fruit.. but I eat veggies everyday,
I make sure to have my coffee with powdered creamer and sugar.....
I am not anorexic or else I would have lost weight haha! I am the same weight.

Just Me
I don't think that's an excuse for not eating (buying food). A pot of beans w/rice is dirt cheap! You can get 10# of potatoes for under $4 so it's not like you can't eat plenty on a tight budget. Trust me, I'm poor!

you are not following the food guide pyramid but how many people really do? as long as you feel you are getting enough food and are not hurting because of a lack of food then do what you want to...If I were you I'd add a few fruits and veggies in there...frozen veggies are cheaper and they keep longer too.

I do not think so. It sounds like you are eating healthy, and 3 times a day. I think its very wise. Most people eat any and everything. I also think that you are a very wise and responsible person, I say this bcuz u are saving your money for an education, and what could be more important. I mean your health of course is more important, but it sounds like you are doing fab. If your central nervous system is accepting your diet, and you are not feeling nauseous or sick then I feel you are just fine. Keep up the good work, and Good Luck in school.

as long as u eating something

Anorexia contains more obesssing and concern about food. Eating less to save money is not anorexia. I had anorexia twice. It's a psychological disorder and your brain does funny things to you. You can get lots of food cheap (like dried beans) so nutrition is not expensive.

Well you've got to look at the nutrition issue. Eating this way, may cause you to lose weight, but it is not good for your body. You need foods from the 4 basic food groups on an everyday basis. I'm talking to myself as well, cause I don't eat very healthy either.

well thats all very well but u have to eat properly and it sounds like u r not, go round ur parents more for dinner and stuff or something u will notice the effects of under nutrition if u dont sort urself out asap

no but you need to enjoy a big mac or something girl!

It is not anorexia.It is poverty

Rosie Young
No, anorexia is a control issue. It doesn't sound like you've got it. But I'm not a therapist.

It is sure bordering on anorexia. I know what you are talking about and going to school takes money, etc etc but your health is more important. Try to increase a bit and to include more fruits and vegetables

Holy CARBS!!!

Um, as long as your body feels fulfilled you are not hurting it!!

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