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I was bitten by a squirrel, should I be worried?
It bled a little bit, but how do I know if i was infected without going to the doctors? and what should I do?

(if anyone wants to know how, it was because i was feeding a squirrel some bread and it came up to me, and instead of taking the bread, it bit me...that little cheater!)

Neil B
I don't know...do you feel like a nut? Sorry, couldn't resist. No, squirrels are not prone to rabies like dogs and raccoons, so there's no need to be concerned. Just treat it like a normal cut or scrape. Clean it and put alcohol on it.

squirrels are afraid of people, as soon as they feel or see a person within a 10 foot radius they run away, how in the hell did you get close enough to a squirrel to get bitten? i find that hard to believe. you're an idiot aren't you, SQUIRRELS LIKE NUTS not bread. you deserved it for your stupidity. plus you could have been infected you know squirrels are very dirty.

Get to the doctor NOW! Squirrels will bite the way you described when they have rabies. They also carry bubonic plague.

Rodents don't carry rabies long enough to transmit it to anyone (it kills the rodent too fast) so don't worry about rabies..
Do go and get a tetnus shot to fight off any other possible non life threatening but nasty illnesses..I'm an animal cop, I deal with this alot.

General T
you need to get to the doctor ASAP. that squirrel could have been infected with god knows what. seriously.

Be afraid very afraid....did you know squirrels are trying to take over the world!

yes, go they would give a rabbies shot the same thing happened to my uncle

Bite em back I say! HeHe! just kidding.

Unfortunately, squirrels are wild critters so you really shouldn't try to hand-feed them.

And you really don't know. Since the squirrel seemed to be acting tame, I don't think it had rabies. But better safe than sorry.

Dirty D
You should have gone to the doctor the first second. Squirrels do carry rabies.

Wtf?? No animal in the world like a squirrel would do that, if they did, thats kinda cool, yes, you should be worried.

You can't trust wild animals, can't feed them. Occasionally one will be rabid and you'll have to go thru a series of shots. The shots used to be painful (that's just what I heard), but I'm sure they would be costly, and you'd be saving your life.

see the following website:http://kidshealth.org/kid/health_problems/infection/rabies.html (see below)

Rabies is a serious infection of the nervous system, which controls everything you do - from breathing to walking. A person can get rabies if he or she is bitten or scratched by an animal that carries the rabies virus. Fortunately, very few people get rabies and most cases today are found in wild animals. If someone gets bitten by an animal that has rabies, quick treatment can prevent the illness.

Animal Bites
Rabies is very serious and can make a person very sick. The person's brain may swell and the person can die.

That's why it's so important to see a doctor if a person gets bitten by an animal. This is especially important if bitten by a wild animal, such as a squirrel or a bat. But any mammal can get rabies, including household pets, such as dogs, cats, and even ferrets. Household pets can get a rabies vaccine to protect them and their owners. Animals who are not mammals, such as birds, fish, turtles, and snakes, cannot carry rabies.

Lucky squirrel.......

You need to see a doctor. Odds are the animal is not rabid, but do you really want to take a risk with your life (yes, rabies can kill you). Head in to the ER and get the wound cleaned and ask the doctor's opinion on getting rabies shots.

Make sure you disinfect it really good. I would go to the Doctor, Squirrels carry some nasty diseases. Don't ya just love nature!

Animal bites are treated just like human bites you always assume the animal has some infectious disease. Wash the sight with antibacterial soap if you have it. Let the water flush out the wound. I would not put any ointment on it because that could trap any bacteria left behind. If any red streaks start to spread from the site go to a doc for sure. As long as it doesn't get swollen and ooze puss it's probably not infected. Keep it clean and dry until it heals.
Good Luck.

I highly suggest you go to the doctor. Just a few reasons like rabies,distemper,tetanus,and a nasty infection.

you need to be seen by your Doctor. you could get real sick from a animal bite.

starting over
You must go to the department of health and get rabie shots.

If you don't know the last time you had a tetanus shot, or it was greater then 5 years ago, you need a booster.

You should not never, ever feed wild animals, it is bad for everyone and for the animal. If you want to feed an animal go to the SPCA and get a dog.

Depending on the state you are in I would at the very least go in for a Tetanus booster shot. The Squirrel in NY have been known to be rapid. However it sounds like the little guy was near sighted. I would keep an eye on it for signs of infection. Red swollen fever red lines headed up your arm from the bite, are all warning signs of an infection that need to be addressed ASAP. I would suggest again to get your tetanus booster.

Go 2 the doctor right away.

go to Dr and get checked for rabies cause you can die from rabies if not treated

Yes..go to the doctor first thing!

Humm... I would get it check out. Why take the risk? Didn't you hear about that park in Mountain View, CA with rabid Squirrels. Go to the newspaper below.


squirrels are ferral animals/ part of the rodent family
and possibly carry rabies or other diseases
go see you doctor

you need to go to the doctor and get shots, manly for rabbies, squirrels can carry rabbies.

note: the only way to know if the squirrel has rabbies is to catch it and take it in

bobbie v
You probably don't have anything to worry about, but just to be one the safe side, I'd talk to your Doctor.
You should wash the wound and put some proxide on it anyway.
My Mom did the same thing once. She ran out of food and tried to give the squirrel a rock, I told her serves you right >)

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