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I need to remove band aids from 10 yr old?
He got hurt at a water park and they put the band aids on while he was still bleeding. I tried to pull one off and they are sticking to the wound. Its been 3 days now. What can I do? He has developmental delays so I cannot traumatize him by just ripping them off.

Have him soak in the tub and then gently peel them off

The Big Dog :)
Lots of good ideas above. I like the soaking, and for him it might work via a long bath. The distraction can work both via play in the tub and let him hold an ice cube, so he'll be challenged by the slipperiness and distracted by the simultaneus cold sensation and because it floats in the tub when he drops it.

You might try just soaking the bandage and wound in some warm water (since you will probably want to cleanse the wound before re-dressing it anyway) and then gently peeling it off. I know whenever I shower with a band-aid on it always comes off on its own.

If I read your question correctly, you are asking how to remove the bandage from the wound itself... not really so much as how to remove the bandage from the skin.
I don't know the extent of the wound, but my guess is that as it is healing, it is absorbing the gauzy part of the band aid into the skin. You have to be careful and very gentle when you take that off. One, because it hurts, and two, because you can reopen the wound very easily.
I'd suggest the bath/ soaking to start with. Once he's out, distract him and, with gloved or very clean hands, gently pull the band aid away. Again, I don't know the extent of the wound, but you should be ready with some backtracked (it doesn't sting like peroxide might) gauze to slip over the wound. It will clean it and stop any bleeding simultaneously.
Depending on the condition of the wound after you've taken the band aid off, you can either put some neosporin on it to protect it and promote healing and just leave it be, or re-bandage it with very finely woven gauze pads. The finer the weave, the less likely it is that you son's skin will try to heal with the gauze being absorbed into it.

I would put lotion on the band aid and wait till it is moistened, then pull it off slowly.

Christin K
Rub the bandaids with some neosporin lotion or cream to soften the pads and the adhesive, then gently remove them while singing to him softly. I'm not joking--the singing really will distract him from being traumatized while you work on him. Then rebandage him with a gauze pad and some light tape instead.

singing to distract a child is a very good way to engage the entire brain while doing a procedure they're scared of...like bandaid removal!

Carla H
i am a 10 year old and this hurts!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! be very carefull.... maybe he would like to do it himself?
offer him choclolatte for his bravery

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