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hi i am 20 yrs old



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Today at school we disected a frog. and my friend cut me with a probe,on "accident", and then i poked him with the tweezers.
i made him wash it off his hands cold water and soap and ...

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I was thinking 1 was incase they have spinal ...

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my co workers husband got stung by a bee by his eyebrow now his eye and half of his face is swollen does any one know of home remedies that can help with the swelling it was a normal yellow bee.

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I was in my bedroom about 10-15 minutes ago, and i accidently scratched my rigth leg, and it's bleeding a bit. What should i do? It's not deep, just a scratch....

I need some serious advise!!!?
i have been smokin cig's since i wuz 14, and i need to quit. any ideas that will make me quit once n for all???

I smoked for 21 years and used the patch to stop.
That was 14 years ago
Nothing's going to work unless you WANT to quit.
Once you want to quit lots of things work.
How long you been smoking?
I kinda used the money as an incentive.
Every day id put the money i spent on cigarettes in a drawer.
I was paying my car insurance with it....
Using it to live.........
You'd be surprised how much money you literally burn.

Nicotine gum, the patch, hypnotism. You have to REALLY want to quit first. The gum worked for me- best of luck to you.

Ill tell you how I did it. I promised The Lord I was quitting and then I told everyone I seen thats what I did. Guess what, I never wanted another cigaette again. I smoked 20 yrs 3 packs a day. Its been almost 2 years and I wouldnt go back for nothing.

I guess nic patch like most peeps said. I would also recommend support from others (friends, family). Glad 2 hear u making a wise decision. :) God bless

i used to smoke to, i quit cold turkey, well the first time i did but the second time and last time i had to just remind myself how much better i could breathe and how much more energy i had.

i am 14 i smoke im not ready to quit but i hear u should try ur best to focus nd get a patch

Fitchurg Girl
Just do it.Look in the mirror, and imagine the man you want to be. Then be that man, unless, of course, this task is too hard for you.
it's your life, but if you can't handle being healthy, step aside and make room for those of us who are strong enough.
Was that good? I said it half truthfully, and half strictly motivationally. Too Rough?

Make a bet with a few different people and put the money in a glass jar that you will save every day. Keep gum and or toothpicks to keep your mouth busy and try not to be around any one who smokes for at least the first two weeks. Change your habits, if you have to smoke when you drink, don't drink for a while, and stay away from bars and places where a lot of people smoke. If you always smoke as soon as you wake up, try sometype of light excercise instead. I wish I could tell you it's easy, but we all know that quitting smoking is one of the hardest things to do. I quit seven years ago cold turkey from 2 and1/2 packs a day and have not had one since. I told everyone I knew and no one bellieved me, so I did it to spite them and prove to myself I could. I had tried the patch and gum prior to that, but nothing worked until I really decided I wanted to quit. Be strong and everytime you get the urge, just remember why you're quitting. Congrats on making a life changing decision and I wish you the best of luck.

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