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I just went to the doctor and she said I was Near Sighted with -0.5 and -0.75, is that bad?
I have never had glasses before and know nothing about wearing them or vision for that matter. I don't even really understand the whole process but I just know that my perscription was for -0.5 in the right lens and -0.75 in the left. Is this just a minor vision problem or relatively severe?
Additional Details
I am 20 just so everyone knows, so yes I am pretty young. Thank so much for all of the answers! this really helps to put things into perspective for me. Thanks Cobaltlava for your answer, oh and Ron C!

Not bad at all !!!

no its not all that bad,even i got the same power . make sure you wear your glasses atleast 8 hours a day so that your power sight doesn't increase

No its really minor!

you'll be fine. don't worry. you might need glasses for driving. mine is -4.75 so i have to wear contacts all the time.

not that bad cause u can wear contakes insted of classes

well it's not perfect but it's quite ok. i have 0.5 on both eyes and my doctor said i only have to wear them if i work with computers for a long time and if my head starts to ache(i'm longsighted). it's nothing seriously really, but you should wear them if you want to correct your vision.

British and Proud
It is extremely minor. In the UK you don't really need glasses for that. Might want to double check if you really need to if you aren't sure about it1!!

Well, what did the doctor tell you?!?!?!?

Man! Thats horrible!!

Relatively minor. Why didn't you ask when you were there?

It's not that bad -- depending on your state's laws, you may even be able to drive without corrective lenses. I would recommend wearing your lenses as much as you can, though. It's always surprising to me how much I was missing out because my prescription was off.

That's a very light prescription. I have -1.5 and -1.75 or something and can still walk around without glasses comfortably. Now reading boards at school is tougher, sometimes I bring up my glasses (wearing them too much makes your eyes a little worse). As with -0.5/-0.75, that simply means you can't read books at 15 feet, which is really no big deal.

This is just minor, very minor.

My last wife was like -2.75 in one eye, and -2.50 in the other. Could just see blobs without her contacts.

this is so minor, mine is -3.75 and -4.something. Haha, I'm nearly blind without my glasses.

and if I didn't get the special made lenses I'd be coke bottle girl. I still need plastic frames though, wire ones look ridiculous, even with the special lenses.

this is a minor problem.
coke bottles lens are like 5 diopters out of wack
you are only half a diopter in on eye and 3/4 diopter in the other eye.

VERY minor. Before I got LASIK, my left eye was a -400.... that's virtually friggin' blind, so you are a-okay.

No not bad at all... Your vision is pretty good this script will help sharpen up your vision.

Absolutely nothing to worry about. This means it is slightly difficult to see things which are far from your eyes. You see tv or cinema with a delicate blurr arround subtitles.
You will have a pair of glasses made, to use for tv, driving maybe, cinema, theatre ansd so on, maybe only when your eyes are tired. Could be just for a while, if you worked much with your eyes (reading, comp) lately.
For the rest your life goes on without any change. You can even forget prescription and do not make glasseds at all, but everybody day that seeing leaves and flowers perfectly for the first time after a while is worth the effort... That's what my daughter said when she first put on glasses, that world is now much more beautiful. Frankly, i do not remember, as i wear glasses since 1981 and it is very simple.

Ron C
It's not bad at all. Sounds like the lenses will just sharpen everything for you. You'll like the difference, but it's not going to be huge. My Rxs are something like -3.75 and -2.50. Even then, I can still see without my glasses or contacts, though I wouldn't drive or even walk around outside. (It's kind of unpleasant when people don't come into focus until they're really close.)

One thing you don't mention is whether or not you have astigmatism (the numbers you give are just for nearsightedness). That could actually be more important in your prescription than the nearsightedness. So, in a way, without knowing whether astigmatism is a factor, we can't really know about your overall prescription.

Keep in mind that your prescription will change over the years and may even improve as you grow older. A lot of the folklore surrounding eye health is simply false. Not wearing your glasses sometimes is not going to make your vision worse, reading in low light won't cause permanent damage, things like that.

I've been wearing corrective lenses since I was two (what a cute little egghead I was), and I'm 43 now. I haven't had Lasik surgery, but know some people who have, and who are very happy with it. If you're lucky enough either to have a lot of money or an amazing health insurance policy that covers it, I'd suggest looking into having it, or at least being evaluated by an opthalmalogist (sp?). My sister-in-law had it done a couple of years ago and says it was one of the best decisions she's ever made.

Good luck to you.

[The optometrist above answered while I was in the middle of writing this; I didn't read the post until I'd finished. You're REALLY lucky to have gotten a specialist to answer the question. That doesn't happen on Answers all that often.]

This is fairly minor. Near sightedness is progressive, but usually the older you are when you begin wearing glasses the less likely you will need a strong prescription. I started wearing glasses when I was 10 and now I'm 48 with a prescription of -6.

i dont know. can you still see?

Richard H
it means that you see things better when they are closer to your eyes. I don't know what the number means, consult the doctor for an explanation of that.

you are just blind dont worry

I am nearsighted, and have worn glasses for quite some time. My prescription is -2.25 (right eye) and -3.25 (left). My lenses are relatively thin. Your eyes aren't bad at all, just a minor correction there. Just don't compromise on a pair of glasses that you aren't sure about before you order/buy them. If they aren't comfortable, or you are iffy about them, don't even bother with that style or size ,and keep looking - you'll find 'em! Good luck, and take care. :)

The problem in your case is minor. That is not a very strong prescription at all. The Rx also indicates no astigmatism, so that is also good news. Don't worry about it.Don't let stupid people get to you if anyone makes fun of your glasses. Glasses are very fashionable now. Pick out some fun frames and allow them to be a testimony to your personality.

As an optometry school student, I can assure you that is fairly minor and nothing to worry about. Myopia (or near-sightedness) is caused by the eye growing just a tiny bit too long, so that the image projected on your retina (the back of the eye) is blurred. Wearing lenses will help put that image back in the correct position over the macula (the part where we see color and 20/20 vision). Don't worry, you are far better off than many with glasses. As a clue, 0 would be no prescription, and it goes up or down in .25 increments. So you have the second and third smallest prescriptions available.
Also, wearing glasses will not change your vision, as some people think. It is a tool, like a cellphone or something, that you use as you need it. You have no obligation to wear glasses except to help you see more clearly. Some people with much worse vision opt not to wear correction. As long as you are not driving or in some way endangering others by this, wear them or not at your own discretion.
If you are young, chances are you may grow out of the prescription and it will change one way or another over time.

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