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I just shot myself, what should I do?
OK. I just accidentally shot my right hand and I don't know what to do. I don't have any med. coverage, so I can't go to a doctor. It's just a small hole, so I doubt it's very serious, but it really hurts. What should I do???

that's a real dumb question.

um this question is so stupid and point less

Every one of these answers was really helpful to E.V. He can really count on y'all for a lot of great advice! The guy is probably dying from loss of blood and I haven't noticed any compassion from anyone.
Best answer was to visit the Free Clinic.
Worst answer (even though it was funny) was for E.V. to type with his left hand!

wash the wound well with lots of soap and water. dry and cover it with a clean dressing. get to the ER. they will bill for services. please worry about the wound and not the bill. you can always make arrangements for payment or plead hardship to the hospital. take some advil or tylenol for the pain. have someone else drive you.

I do belive you should get checked out by a Doctor as soon as possiball. beacause there are lots of nervs and tendons that run through your hand that might be damaged

Wow.. You should clean the wound (aka CLEAN water). if you have a mni med kit around the house gause it and wrap it, changing bandages regularly.

See if you can find a free clinic in your local area because despite if it is just a small hole, it can develop into an infection and lead to possible loss of the use of your hand.

But seriously. How/why you shot your hand is beyond me, but that was the dumbest thing i have heard.

go to a doctor! it could get infected and that is NOT safe. or..

get the bullet out of your hand. i dont care if you scream and bite yourself, GET THE BULLET OUT!!!!

next swab the area with alchol, YES it will burn to the high heavens but it will get rid of the bacteria.

put topical antibiotic on the area and cover with a bandaid.

if the swellung and pain continues, GO TO THE DOCTOR!!

being shot can KILL YOU!!! people have died because of bullets!!

Kim M
Since this is in the first aid section, I'll be serious for a moment.
1) Put the gun down.
2) Call 9-1-1, tell them where you are, that you've an open gunshot wound to your right hand.

Follow any instructions given to you by the operator over the advice given here, as they will be able to clearly direct you through the process in a more humane manner.

3) if there's any loose debris *and by debris, I mean foreign particles, or things that aren't part of your hand*, clean it out gently. If there is an embedded object, do not remove it, as this will cause further tissue and nerve damage.
4) If the wound is bleeding, apply pressure. If there is a bullet embedded in the wound, do not apply pressure on the object, but rather around it.
5) apply a sterile *or as clean as possible* dressing, over the wound *both sides if applicable*, to prevent any further infection or contamination. Check and compare the circulation of the injured hand with your non-injured hand.
6) Secure the dressing with a bandage, and continue to apply pressure appropriately. Compare circulation again to ensure that bandaging has improved circulation, rather than hindering it.

If Medical help is on the way, proceed with step 7. If not, proceed to step 10.

7) If medical help is on the way, keep yourself at rest to avoid over working your heart. This in turn will help keep the rest of your circulation in check and slow down the onset of physical shock.
8) If safely possible, lay yourself down with your feet elevated 12 inches or 30 cm. Do this in a place where you will easily be found by medical help.
9) Keep yourself warm and reassure yourself. This will also help slow the onset of physical shock.

10) Seek help and be treated by a medical professional.

Following these steps will help ensure that you will minimize the damage to the injured tissue. Also, in Canada *assuming that you're from canada, given this is the canadian Yahoo! answers* health care is public. If any costs are incurred to you through your medical treatment, however unlikely, they should be second on your list of worries... honestly. You just shot your hand. Without prompt treatment, there is a high risk of infection and permanent damage... so do yourself a favor! Get some help!

Note: If you don't have your tetanus shot, you will get one. If you don't know when your last one was, you'll get one. If you had it last week, then they'll still need to help you out with the wound... so its important to see them regardless!

Note note: These protocols apply only in Alberta. Use common sense when dealing with wounds of this nature.

well it can get infected so you should at least go to the free clinic.

Uncle Dan
Jesus ,Dude,call 911! Don't screw around! Hospital ER's have to treat you and they bill you later. you can make payments,you can't get another hand on credit!!

If the bullet went through the other side, and there's nothing stuck in your hand, then bandage it up with VERY clean gauze and/or large band-aids. Also, I highly recommend going to the pharmacy and getting some penecillin or other antibiotic, which will help prevent you getting an infection. Many people are allergic to some antibiotics, though, so check that you're not allergic before taking anything. Also, I'm not sure if you can get antibiotics over the counter, but it's worth looking into. And set the safety on your gun next time, for Pete's sake!

Anyone can go to the hospital and be seen. Worry about the bill when you get it (if what you say is true) the bullet might cause you to get tetnus:
you will need a shot if you havent had one recently. They will also have to remove the bullet, and make sure there is no nerve damage. After a doctor treats you tonight, ask him to refer you to a social worker. They can help find free clinics so you can recieve further care and refer you to other social resources

Dirty D
Shoot the other hand. Then let the two hands get infected so bad they need amputated, so you can become a double Captain Hook.

Ok, first off, all gun shot wounds have to be reported to police. You won't be the first person to suffer an accidental gun shot wound.

You need to go to an ER. The wound may not look serious but it needs to be cleaned out and treated. Your hand will need to be x-rayed to see if there is internal damage. If the bullet it still in the wound, it needs to be removed.

You can't be turned away from an ER because of inability to pay. It's the law. In fact, the staff can refer you to their social work department to ask about Medicaid or some other way to pay. You will receive the necessary treatment.

Please don't wait. Go NOW.

David R
You don't say what country your from but in Canada it has to be reported to the police.
No matter what you should go to the hospital for that will have to be properly cleaned and you will need a tetanus shot.

Sure you can go to a doctor! That's why they have public hospitals. You go to the emergency room and they will treat you. They'll let you pay it out if you go to the county hospital. In fact, there are laws that say they can't turn you away just because you can't pay.

If you're lying then I suppose you'll get what you deserve.

well if you shot your right hand you are probably left handed so you should be all right. i really hope you will submit yourself with your gangrenous in the running for the darwin awards. you are so stupid.

altered ego
Type with your left hand

Take an aspirin and put a bandaid on it. I like the little ones with Barney the purple dinosaur on them.

Next time aim higher

You be fine just where you at. The don't want your bleeding a*s up in that hopsital no how. Just put a rag on your hand and keep aksing questions.

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