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Aqua O
I just recently got a chicken pox vaccination.....?
Two days ago,I got the chicken pox vaccination. Where I got the shot, it is itchy and swollen. I put Benedryll on it to stop the itching. Would you advise that I put a Baind-aid over it?

You dont need a bandaid on it. Let it breath.
The itchyness and swelling is normal too =)

only if its bleeding, thats all bandaids do, stop bleeding. give it air.

the shewolf
thats normal. You see when you aquire a shot for prevention of something the liqued contains some of the disease that you are preventing so that your body can practice fighting it bfore a real case happens to you. so its normal. also if the swlling does not go down trace how far it gos with a pen around ur arm to see if its unswlling if ur not making progress or it gets worse hen call ur docter.

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