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Old Thrusty
I haven't had a bowel movement for three weeks, should I be worried.?
When I try to go, all that comes out is this puss-like discharge. Only about one heaping teaspoon. Does anyone have any idea what this could be?

i guess u was hopin to run n2 a dr on this thing. u azz is closin up on u, go seek real help

jesse r
yes you shoul be worried.

David S
You have a blockage in your intestines. After three weeks of no pooping, your life is probably in danger. You will probably need emergency surgery to remove the backed up fecal matter, plus surgical work to fix whatever caused the problem in the first place.

angel r
yes you should coz its no longer normal.... try to take some laxatives... whetehr its tablet capcule or tea... and try to see a doctor too... from where are you by the way? coz here in our country,philippines, Dulcolax id the most common taken to defecate... or FIBROSINE... mix it with your drinking water... for adult, its one sachet of fibrosine in a glass of water... dulcolax,take one orally and put the other one on your rectum... for faster effect...

nicole s
constipation try a cup of coffee if that does not work try a stool softern if that does not work go to see the doctor.

Karen K
Please go to the emergency room right away. Puss usually means infection and not having a bowel movement in three weeks could be caused by an intestinal blockage. There is no question in my mind that something is wrong. The fact that you are asking indicates that you think something is wrong also. Get to a medical facility and find out.


go to a doctor ASAP

yes there may be a blockage and you need to take care of it soon go to you family doctor dont edelay this may be serious

Unless you've been fasting you should see a doctor. Waist in your body that long can make you even sicker. Your stomach should be pretty swollen. I know a great laxitive you could take, but because I think you're so far past that I won't tell you. 3 weeks is a hell of a long time... GO TO THE DOCTOR!!

I would be concerned if I had been eating during that period of time. Would suggest bowel obstruction of some sort.. intususception is needed to be ruled out..

3 weeks? I thought my dad had it bad.... yeah man, better have it checked. In the meantime, try drinking the diet teas to get you going. It helps you to go to the bathroom. My dad uses Ballerina 3 diet tea. Try Dulcolax too. that helps as well.

The Nag
Good Lord go to a doctor! You could have a bowel blockage!!!! Go right away!!!!

i have no idea what it could be, but you should go and see a doctor right away. that is really, really unusual unless you've been eating nothing but mashed food. even then, though you still should have had one. that's really unhealthy

Eat ,orange, raspberry, blueberry ,you can't be eating good.

Seek medical help NOW. You could have a blockage somewhere and thats not good at all.. It can cause sepsis which is an ifection throughout the body. Get some help now before you die.2 tablespoons seasalt 1 teaspoon cyanne pepper in a 8 oz. glass of lemonade.. drink it down and you will expell all thats in there if you don't have a blockage. If its blocked you need help. Good luck you sound like you need it.

Hung Chow

Rachel Bitchface
Yes you should be worried. You should go to the Doctor.

This maybe a symptom of a condition called encopresis (impacted stool) due to severe constipation. Try adding high fiber foods to your diet , and maybe a fiber stool softner, If this do not work see your doctor, there could be a problem with your intestines.

You know it's really time for you to seek some professional help. Everyone should have a bowel movement at least once daily. That's no more than normal . But you are so far backed up now that I would fear for my life. I know a patient where my mom worked at that died from constipation. so seriously please go to the doctor immediately!!!!!!!

Mommy of 1, #2 on the way!
Ok so you probably have an intestine blockage. You need to go to the doctor or ER ASAP. This can be extremely serious. You need to eat more fiber also. Go to the ER get major laxatives and hope and pray its better. Good Luck!!!

You should see a doctor, my sister had to be kept for a week when something similar happened, it turned out that her well.... poop, backed up and was in her intestines, she had to take alot of laxatives, then stay there for observation.

not good! doctor time

Z and Glory's Mama
You need to get to a doctor immediately. Bowel content can back up in your body and cause serious problems. There are many things that can cause this and only a doctor can fix you. Here's some web sites for you to read about why you need to see a doctor:




time to get that Colon cleansed!!

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