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 If you met yourself on the street, would you want to know you?

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 severe mosquito bite swelling, what can i use beside over the counter meds for the itch?
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 I have a habit thats driving me crazy. i scratch my scalp,it don't even itch. I just pick at it.?
And then it will get sore and maybe bleed a little. help me please....

I have an overactive thyroid, so why is it so hard for me to lose weight. I thought underactive made it hard.?

Sometimes we don't know it, but eating a lot of sugar foods (pop, candy, chips) & fatty foods can trigger a lot of things in our bodies. Perhaps you need to stop and take a good look at how much sugar & fat you are consuming? Then compare that with how much exercise and other activities you are doing, to come to a conclusion of what kinds of "good" foods you are actually eating...;o)

You should be on meds!! My sis-in-law has a thyroid problem and she is on meds. Plus you will also have to watch your diet.

are you on meds to make it normal? that would do it. many times overactive thyroids stop being overactive for a while, but then kick in again, i ahve the same issue, i gained a bunch of weight, thyroid went nuts, lost about 50 pounds, now i have gained 30 pounds back 2 years later and my thyroid is normal.

put down the cheetos.

your right usually Hypothyroid does cause increase in weight loss... Question: How long have you been diagnosed?

Eat til you hate food. Then keep eating.

Go to your doctor to get this checked, they can help you with new medicines on the market. It not that bad of a medical thing to get taken care of.

Go and see your doctor again, get the thyroid levels (T3, T4, TSH) checked again, and maybe check the thyroid antibody tests as well.
How's your diet..?

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