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 I bit my tongue and it bled, how long will it take to heal?
I put salt on it right I away and it stang, then I gargled scope mouthwash and it also stang, then I kept drooling cuz having it to air out made it feel good, it hurts toeat and drink =( I feel like ...

mom of 2
I got stung by a red wasp. Its not swollen but its red and it really hurts, feels like my hand is on fire?
Half my arm along with my hand really feels like it is on fire. I put some meds on it but it didn't help. I really do not wanna go to the doctor

ur gunna have to go to a doctor so u can atleast find out if its either an infection or alergic reaction

You might be allergic to red wasp venom.
Best to get to an emergency room as fast as possible.

try benadryl

Any sort of anti-histamine should work for you. That burning is just the venom from the wasp, so the anti histamines will take down the swelling. You shouldn't have to see a doc about that unless your airway begins to close up. In which case I hope you have Epinephrine handy.

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