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George C
I feel like I have a splinter in the bottom of my foot, except I don't. What could it be?
When I had a friend look he said there was nothing there but a small red spot. What could it be?

"Bubba Lee"
go to a doc and have him or her check your foot out.They will know more about how to help you then we will.

blister or a sore.

it could be a splinter.. it can turn into a wart or sth them you're gonna have to see your doctor to remove it

It's probably a damaged nerve. I had the same problem, but it went away after I had Thai massage. Try it. Good luck!

The Answer Man
change your socks if you have socks on that might be the cause. but you dont have to see a doctor for a splinter!

Fiber glass?


I had this same thing. I thought I had a splinter...but it is probably

plantar fasciitis

If you put ice on it, it may feel better. If you wear flip flops or shoes that do not support your plantar you will feel it often, if you wear good shoes it will not be as often.

Possibly the early stage of a plantar wart. Hard to tell without looking at it.

maybe some kind of bug bite. Or maybe you have a splinter but its inside of your skin so you cannot see it. Or maybe you stepped on a nail or something and it left a mark. I don't know something like that

It could be a blister, or maybe a wart that is just forming. No need to worry about it unless it gets worse.

Its Rumble

glass? probably not, but it might be. it also could be a tiny piece of wood or something else lodged in the foot that is too minute to see. usualy the body gets rid of that on its on. the only other typical option would be dry, cracking skin.

Did you step on something sharp? It could just be a puncture wound. It could also be like a planters wart forming, those can be pretty painful.

i have one of those on my fingers, it's probably a tiny scratch that dug into ur skin sideways so it looks invisible

a bump perhaps?

It may be a splinter that broke off inside your foot. Soak your foot in warm water with baking soda or Epsom salts, which will encourage the splinter to come to the surface. It may take a few times. In the meantime, make a paste with baking soda and water, apply it to the spot, and cover it with a bandaid. This will also help to draw it out.


hmm. sounds sick but you might have an internal infection. my aunt had one in her pinky finger
just soak it in some Epsom salts from the drugstore and wait a few days.

if it dose'nt work go to your doc.

Planters wart.

Hungry dude
Could be hypochondria....

The Oldest Man In The World
sometimes a small splinter of glass is the culprit.

Just keep digging around. You'll find something

It could be a splinter. Have someone else look at it.

Perhaps a planters wart. They are stepped on an feel like splinters and then grow into circles. After they grow they give the appearance of tiny specs stuck under skin in center of wart any how that What i remember from when i had one in my toe.

A bothered nerve, or a microscoptic skin tear. if it doesnt go away in 24 hours, go see a docter.

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