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Lily & Stu Too
I did a really stupid thing at lunchtime...?
....I wear leave-in contact lenses, but had something irritating in one today and took it out to rinse it. I usually use multi purpose saline solution which you can use to rinse the lenses and put them straight back in. However, I forgot that my optician gave me some new solution to try and when I rinsed my lens off and put it back in, it was excrutiatingly agonising. Upon reading the bottle, I discovered it's one of the fluids you have to leave to 'neutralise' for 6 hours, so I presume I subjected my poor eye to a hefty dose of hydrogen peroxide! I rinsed my eye for ages in running water, but it's steadily got worse during the day. It's now really swollen, bloodshot, won't stop watering and seems to have what looks like a water blister over the whole eyeball.

Has anyone else done this before, I'm just wondering if it will this settle down over time, or do I need to get it looked at?

It really hurts : ((

handsome harry
get a clean teapoon scoop out eye discard ..use other eye ...job done..

Before going to an ophthalmologist, try to prepare a cup of
camomile tea; or ask someone to make it for you. Wait to
cool itself.

After the tea has reached your skin's temperature, take
a piece of cotton, impregnate it with tea, gently press it
(in order to remove the excess of tea), and apply it on
your eyelash.

After a quarter of hour, replace the piece of cotton, with
a new one; and repeat the procedure--for one, or two hours.

Keep a clean handkerchief close to you, because you will
need it all the time.

What the man/woman is doing with his/her own hand...

Call NHSdirect on 08454647 now, they have nurses on phone to advise you.

I know short number but it is right. Call now

miz. bunny


apparently if u wear contact lenses ur not meant to get ur eyes wet whilst they're in or rinse them in water or irritation or blindness can occur....thats just what i found out today

Not an expert, however it sounds like Iritis.
Betnovate (not sure about spelling) is your friend here but is only available on prescription.
Until you can get to a doctor, and you should, get an egg cup and fill with luke warm water and a tiny pinch of salt. Then use it as an eye bath and bathe the eye.
Even if that blister goes down by tomorrow, still get a check because you want to make sure that it is completely cleared up.

get yourself to the eye casualty at your hospital or A and E as hydrogen peroxide will burn your eye. DO THIS NOW!!!!!

You have burnt your eye! Delaying may cause serious damage to your eye.

Assume you did basic first aid of rinsing your eye out with water????

David G, Jeff Gordon Rules !!!!!
Go 2 an eye Dr. qwick, I did almost the same thing an waited a week and almost lost site in that eye.The eye drops they gave me fixed it in about 12 hours !

OH YEA!!!! I know the feeling. Been there, Done that.
It Hurst like He11.

your eyes will be redder than the devil's and they will feel like 3rd degree burns but they will be fine.

Try giving yourself a good LONG rinse of water or taking the saline solution and giving your eyes a good wash.

Oh Dear! Hospital is your best bet on do it now because hydrogen peroxide will continue to burn your eye even when the pain sales down a bit for a few hours. Of you go! now!

Black Hayate
It is best if you have it looked at if you don't know about it....

and use some common sense, no offense meant, but you need to have it looked at immediately after you do something like that!!!

Get to your eye doctor now!

Tom R
Get to your eye care professional pronto!!! This could be an emergency.
Were you given a multi purpose solution or a cleaner??? It sure helps to read the label.....


go to the ER

seriously get to the hospital to get treated now u should have done this as soon as it happened i really dont want to scare u but worse case scenario is u can lose ur sight

I would go to A and E immediately

Eman E
i don't think you're making it better by sitting in front of your computer...call ur doctor....immediately...dont worry everything is going to be fine...just go call your doctor

definatly go to the doctor, it looks like you should have went way sooner...this could be realy serious. if you dont take care of it you coud loose your eyesight. please go to the doctor to make sure your ok.

Captain Sarcasm

I would call my eye doc. It sounds pretty bad.

Good Luck

You should call your eye doctor. He will probably want to see you to make sure you haven't done any real damage and at the very least he can give you some drops that will numb your eye and ease your pain.

SEE YOUR DOCTOR NOW FOR REAL your eyes are nothing to mess with.

call your eye doctor immediatly, and tell him, what happened, or go to an emergency romm , asop, and tell them, what you did, they will have an eye doctor or an eye sugeon on call, Eyes are not to fool with, and if you can type this , you can read and write, if you have someone with you, then please follow my advice, and gooo gooo goo, now now now, momma trudy,

Warrington Lass
PLEASE go to the nearest A n E department or Emergency room if you are in america
This water blister is probably cause you have burnt your eye, chemical burn
GO now your eyes are important

Robot Devil
It's better to be safe. I'd have someone take a look at it.

My brother's girlfriend had that blister thing, too. I don't remember how it happened, but it took about a day to go away.

Still, I would really have someone take a look at it.

you need to go to A&E and they will rinse it out with a proper solution and also check the eye for any burns, please go my son got raw plaster in his eye and burnt it quite badly and had to have quite a few litres of solution used to rinse it, go tonight and get it treated please.

You need to go to the doctor. You don't want to take chances with your eyes. If it hasn't settled down by now, then I would definitely go to the doctor.

In your position i would head for the nearest A and E department immediately.
Good Luck.

laurel g
Move away from this computer. Call you doctor, now! Have your eye seen, immediately.

val f1 nutter
go to A&E. you can't mess about where your eyes are concerned, they are too delicate.

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