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I can't get my ring off!!!?
What's the best way to get it off? I've tried greasing my finger with olive oil, window cleaner (but not Windex). Should I take a diuretic? How does the string method work? Please help!

Work is for Busters
maybe put ice on your hand. Soap up your hand real good and give it agood yank.

Try soap or dishwashing liquid, then, with the back of a blunt table knife, put pressure on first one side, then the other, and work it off bit by bit.

Butter. If that doesn't work, an ice cube can work to cool the swelling that your causing by tugging on it. If worse comes to worse you can always go to the hospital for these kind of things.

Michelle W
fill a sink with really cold water, let your hand soak in the water for a little bit, put soap all over you finger and around the ring. then gently twist it and keep twisting and pulling until it comes off. Otherwise you might have to get it cut off!!!! oh no, good luck

When you put cream or something like that on your skin your skin absorbs cream and becomes a bit wider your finger so that may be a reason . If you can not achieve to get it off you should go to emergency of a hospital they have experience about such conditions they can help you in my opinion .

butter is better !

didja try running it under cold water + soap

Stop trying,,let your finger relax,,then make it cold,,like if you have snow right now,,then try the oil again.Fingers swell larger when they are warm or hot & shrink with the cold.

i always found that when my hands we cold and dry they made rings easier to slip off

I've had that trouble before and had to use soft soap to get mine off. Or you may need to wait a bit for the swelling in your finger to go down: Believe it or not, there is a small range of swelling that occurs. Then 'walk' your ring off.

If that fails, you may need someone to cut it off.

Good luck!

put some ice water in a bowl and soak your hand for a while. this should shrink up any inflammation (and there is bound to be some, if you have been trying to pull off a ring for a while now) and the ring should slip off. instead of taking a diuretic, try eating or drinking one (caffeine, cranberry juice, asparagus - search diuretic foods on yahoo) instead. or simply forgo salt for a few days, and that should allow you to lose some water weight as well.


did you try vaseline or butter? try that and wiggling the ring from side to side. Try not to pull to hard b/c the finger is only going to swell up more.

Use lots of liquid soap and COLD water. Hot water will make your finger swell. And try it when you're least likely to be retaining water in your system.

this always works for me get your hands cold like run cold water over them then soap it up and it should slide off

i live for love
run it under SUPER cold water and your finger will shrink, then put a bit of butter or vaseline on it and it should slide right off. ive had this problem before too =]

Parth Ponders
Try using banana pulp!!!!
If the ring is made of metal, then go out in the sun for a while and try again with all the stuff you mentioned.

U Have Nothing Better 2 Do
Wait til tonite.

Hello there
run your hand under cold water to help your hand swelling go down a bit. then calm down, and use a bit of soap, like dawn or joy.

this has always worked for me, but you have GOT to relax, because if you freak out, the blood rushing around will accelerate swelling, making it even more difficult to get off!

good luck!

Yikes! Youve tried most of the things I was going to reccommend......

Okay..............try dipping your hand in ice water for a minute or so. Maybe your fingers will contract a little bit and you can get it off.

Ema Nova
Like you did, grease it up with something ((soap and hot water works)) and keep twisting it, pulling it upwards. It'll come off. And don't panic--it can be cut off ((the ring, not your finger :P)).

try soap or lotion

Daniel R
Put your hand in ice water, it will cause it to shrink. Then put lotion on you finger and try to slide it off. Also, hold your hand above your head, this will cause the blood to stay out of your finger tips.

EMS personnel have a tool called a ring cutter for this situation, assuming you value your finger more than the ring.

Munya Says: DUH!
Hold your arm straight up in the air, fingertips pointing at the sky....the blood will drain from your hand after a minute or so, and then quickly put the finger under COLD running water (put the stopper in the sink!) and then twist it off.

Good luck

Plato the great Philosopher
Loose some weight!

Try a moisturizer or body oil

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