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I've been drinking canal water for a bet. I think it's kicking in now, what's going to happen to me

It depends on how dirty or clean the water is.

This really cannot be answered without more specific information.

The Techie
You're going to be arrested for theft, sent to prison for life and be made to do things you don't even want to think about.

Eventually you'll go crazy and be admitted to the Psychiatric ward but in solitary confinement.


Then again, it does depend on exactly which canal you drank from.

Ron R
you might die maybe?

nancy g
I think your new best friend will be the toilet.

Go and see your GP, tramps wee n plop in the canal, ducks poo in the canal, those lovely rats live around canals and they carry lots of lovely diseases too.

You had better have won the bet and the prize is at least a million quid because there is NO way I'd do it for anything less than that.

see your gp immediately.

cedric t
You're gonna turn into The Swamp Thing and live forever.

stacie lou
drinking water from the canal u prob have that disease that rats carry i cant remember what its called but it aint nice !!!!!!!

Put the toilet roll in the fridge as you are soon going to have a burning ring of fire, and the world will fall out of your bottom.

Tom C
thats sick. i've passed first aid and even i'm flumoxed! see a gp straight away!

canal water is the worst its full of toxins and properly factory and human waste .
id go to the docs straight away as you good catch many things but especially disteria which isn't good news !
also if there's water rats they give you a disease that cant be cured , but cant remember its name !
you will properly have tummy cramps , diarrhoea , and be sick !
you silly bugger .
drink loads and mean loads of water to flush it out and if possible take a sample of water to the docs with you , so they can test it for salmonella and others .

Canal water is not good for you. It can contain sewerage including human waste and factory waste. This sewerage can cause severe sickness and diahorreah as your body attempts to get the undigestable stuff and the bacteria out of your system asap. You may end up very dehydrated.

If you are unlucky, you may have Viles disease. This disease is caught by ingesting rat's pee or getting it into an open wound. Viles disease is very unpleasant and can kill you. It can also act like glandular fever or malaria in that once you have it, you have for the rest of your life.

Visit your docotor immediately.



When ships/boats travel thru canals, isn't that
when they dump the bathrooms.
Seriously, when they take mud and sludge
from there to make the canals deeper they
dump it on land. NOTHING GROWS there for years.
You drank that water???

your next step is to go see a doctor as yopu might have contracted hepatitis

Sarah (28/UK)
You'll probably get leptospirosis. You get it from rats urine and there's plenty of little ratties swimming in the cut.

If you get flu like symptoms, get to the hospital, you could be dead within a few days.

Some Guy
As a kayaker I have swallowed (accidentally) varying amounts of water some of which was quite nasty.

Depending on how nasty the water is, and whether you have done this before (you do start to gain some resistance after a while) you may have some diahoerea and vomiting on and off for 12-48 hours.

Unless it gets really nasty a trip to the doctor may not be necessary, just keep hydrated (isotonic sports drinks are good as they replace lost salts), rest and wait for it to pass. Imodium (available without prescription from your chemist) can be useful, but can also be overkill and lead to painful constipation.

Finally, if the symptoms don't pass after a day or so, or are really nasty then do go see a doctor.

You'll keep barge-ing in.....!!
Best you be kept under lock and quay..........

One Thing Could Happen
You Could S h i t Through The Eye Of A Needle Without Touching The Sides.
Stop Drinking Canal Water.

I hope this is a joke? Go to your doctor now because you could have picked up anything!! if you are embarassed say you fell in and swallowed lots of it, canals are minging there could be anything in there. Yeuch!!! do your friends not like you?!

you will have an unusually strong pull towards shopping trolleys and manky shoes.

Katherine B
Alot of tiny microorganisms have invaded your body.Be thankful if you only get massive,painful diarrhea.Otherwise these little bugs can make you very,very,very sick.

Sun M
your nose is going to shrink.

you're gonna need new underwear

you will probably have the "runs" like Montezuma's revenge, you might throw up, hopefully the canal water isn't too contaminated

If this is for real, anything from simple diarrhea to hepatitis C will be the consequences.

Doctor or hospital. now.

ur gonna die

I'm sorry to have to tell you this but you are eventually going to die as a result of this stupidity. probably some time today. your stomach will overflow with acid and youll just stop breathing. i suggest you say goodbye to your loved ones now and lock the doors so they dont see you die. bye.

Jericho Cross
Your gettin a disease called Redding of the Neck. There is no antidote, your teeth will fall out ant the one that doesnt witl be black, you wil develope a liking for overalls and shorts with cowboy boots. John Deere is you new friend.

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