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 my mom got stung by wasps and has a swollen arm.?
she got stung more than once, more like 5 or 6 and her whole arm/hand is swollen. she's fine, but i told her to go to the doctor, she wouldn't listen. should she? i mean it's just ...

 Can I use hair conditioner 2x a day?

What is an orgasm?...

 I got an inch cut with a very sharp clean knife while I was cutting a lime...should I get a tetanus shot?

 how do i stop getting so randy???
i get randy everywhere i go, and i cant stop it. even when im thinking of something that doesn't make me randy, i still get randy. how can i stop getting so randy all the time????...

 help i need to reduce my nausea..!?
i am sick today with a fever and i feel nauseaus whenever i swallow a pill or eat something, please how can i relive my nausea cuz i hella dont want to ...

 where in england can i buy lanacane ante bacterial spray excelent for mosquito bite relief?

 How to get a tiny glass shard out of the finger if nothing is sticking out. Any nurses or doctors out there?
I tried soaking it; so far, nothing. Help. It hurts....

 what does your kidneys do?

 how do you know when your 3rd eyes is opening ?
i feel like i have eye lids on my forehead , is that one way ?...

 CDC wants HIV test for EVERYONE?
The guidelines for routine testing would apply to every American ages 13 to 64, according to the proposed plan by the U.S. Centers for Disease control and Prevention.


 today i threw up?
after i changed my kids poopy diaper the smell made me throw up,, when i blew my nose blood came out,, i didnt throe up blood,, it just came out my nose,, noe my face feels funny,, does anybody know ...

 Is the syrup of ipecac an over the counter remedy?
If so, where can it be bought without a prescription from the doctor....

 What's the the remedy to get rid of a very bad cold that makes your voice come and go?

 Best techniques to reduce stress and tension?

 help urgent!!! how do you stop bleeding?
my little ones were playing with a barbers razor and one of them got cut in the finger with it for playing..how do i stop the bledding????...

 My eyes are stinging slightly and feel like theyare very dry. HELP ME QUICKLY!!?
i tryed sitting in the dark for 30 mintues and putting moisture drops in them but they are still feeling really wierd. i havent been on the computer too long or anything. Whats going on? how do i ...

 what's baby aspirin?

 Can you put Neosporin on a healing lip piercing?
I know I wasn't supposed to on my ears, but is it okay for lips?...

 Help my bro got something stuck up his foot. How do I get it out?
Not to sur ewhat it is but i know its hurting him. I tried putting hot candle wax on it and also tried to remove it with a pin but neither has work. Do you guys know of any other methods?...

How to remove a tick?
My brother and his friend were in the woods yesterday and both just discovered they had a tick on them. We can't pull the tick out of my brother and the doctors are closed, it being a Sunday. Does anyone have any other ideas of how we can get this thing out? Please help fast!!

really hot girl
is it inside of him! if not just yank it off of him

DO NOT just start picking and pulling!!!!!! Most likely some will break off while the rest gets stuck inside! Isn't there an emergency room you can go to?

♥Jelly [20080806]
Tweezers and very carefully...DO NOT SQUISH HIM!!! pull him out from the head or as close to it as you possibly can because if you squeese its body the blood will squirt back in and that could get him sick. Look for it on the internet if you still aren't sure. CLEAN IT VERY GOOD AFTER IT'S OUT!!! Hope this helps;)

put oil on it--babyoil or olive oil, cookin oil
ticks hate oil, get some twizzers and pull it out, it may come out by itself after the oil.

Just pull it off but be careful to get the head an all because of the risk of lime disease. If you can not pull it off soak a cotton ball with alcohol and let it soak on the tick for a few minutes and it will kill the tick or at least fume it enough to let go.

Where is the tick located? Do not use a lighter and burn it off. My dad did that on me. Get a tweezer, and GENTLY grasp the tick near the head (well, the head's buried into the skin, but as close as possible) and SLOWLY pull it out. Do NOT yank it! You must make SURE the head is still attached to the body after you extract it. If it is still in the skin, then your brother MUST go to the ER as it's possible he can get Lyme disease.

First apply alcohol. It helps make the took pull away from the skin. Then use tweezers. Then seek medical help as soon as you can.

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