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How to get rid of chigger bits?

There may be an open wound, so you will have to use an antibiotic ointment such as Hydrocortisone Cream, Neosporin or A+D Ointment. You may also want to use Calamine lotion, this will not help the wound heal but it will stop the itching you are going to feel later.There are some products on the market that may help, these are specially made for chigger bites, Chigarid and Chigg-away. If you can’t find these in your local drug stores then you will have to stick with the creams we mentioned above. It would be a good idea to keep the bite covered to avoid infection.

go to your local Walgreen's or safeway what have you and get something called chigg away. Being in the army and in south carolina every now and again it works great for me

Avoid the urge to scratch them. It will make them worse. They are not bites; they have actually burrowed inside your skin & are alive in you right now...for real.
1) Buy some Benadryl & take it according to directions to help stop the itching.
2) Buy some Aveno Bath or Epsom Salts & soak in a warm tub with it. This will help soothe your skin. Do it daily, if needed.
3) Buy some clear nail polish. Yes, you heard me correctly! Go into your bathroom or bedroom & strip down to bare skin. Make sure your skin is dry & not wet or sweaty. GENTLY dab a tiny amount of the clear polish onto the center most reddened area of each bite. That is the very hole they burrowed into & are living inside of. Covering the hole up will suffocate them, they die & the itching stops.
The nail polish will burn, because you're putting it on irritated skin. Ignore the pain & maybe take 2 Tylenol about a half hour before doing the nail polish procedure. Then give the polish about 10 or 15 minutes to dry before putting clothes back on. You can gently touch a bad or two with a finger to test it & see if it's still sticky. If it is, just wait a little longer to dry. You can stand in front of a fan to speed it up. Also, after a few days or so the itching will stop & the nail polish will simply dry & fall off. Use sparingly because you don't want a big gob of that stuff sticking to your nuts or armpits or wherever you got bit!

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