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 I got a cheek scar just now [pics included] HELP!?
I just got bit jus now from my dog. I put alchohol prep (BURNS!!) and neosporin. What else can i do.....?

pics of it: http://www.flickr.com/photos/jayperez/

What is ...

 please help?
i have a canker sore in my mouth, on the inside of my lip. it hurts. how do i get rid of it?...

 crazy glue on cuts? bad or good?
have lots of cuts all over my fingers and have trouble with them healing cause i work in a bar so my hands are wet alot or touching and or cutting lemons and limes someone suggested crazy glue for ...

 What is the best remedy for serious sunburn?
I'd like to have answers of things in your home. I don't want to drive 15 miles to the store to pick something up....

 Spider bite....?
I was biten by a spider. I'm not sure what kind( I was sleeping when I was biten). My husband thinks it may have been a brown recluse. It doesn't really look exactly like a recluse bite.D...

 burn treatment?
i didd the ice and salt thing for way to long and its really red and kinda has a bubble on it its big and is it better to pop it or what ? im freaking out
Additional Details
what type of ...

 What's the best way to treat a sore throat?

 Pink Eye HELP!!!?
My boyfriend came down with pink eye last night. Normally we would just take him to the doctor but recently he lost his medical insurance so we want to avoid taking him to the doctor. We went to the ...

 How much did you pay for your BLS CPR card?
I am a BLS Instructor
Additional Details
I have the DVD and work for a company..I was just wounering how much others pay....

 How do I get rid of nightly leg cramps & why do I get them all the time?

 I want to sleep...?

I admit I was VERY bad with eating tonight. I know I should not have had the greasy pizza, breadsticks, beer, and the 4 glasses of wine tonight, then go to bed pretty much only an ...

 I presently have Knee pain, Will it cause me consequences later if I continue wearing Heel shoes?
I didn't had knee pain for a while. I wonder if using heel shoe all day -8hrs. is causing it again. Will it cause me consequences later as i get older?...

 Is this sentence correct? What if you overslept?
I want to know about the grammar.Is it overslept or oversleep even if u havent overslept?...

 How can i fall asleep?
I used to sleep in the same bed as my dad when we did not have enough room in our house.Now that he does, i'm not used to sleeping alone.I also have these weird thoughts that i might get killed ...

 My boyfriends not that old, early thirtys but all of a sudden he's encountering intimacy problems. Help I'm i

 Should you pop a blister on a burn?
I burnt myself with hot chip oil last night, its now a big blister this morning. A friend of mine is telling me I should pop the blister or it wont heal. Is that right? I thought you shouldn'...

 My ear!!! omg, help?
Ear is Plugged
I went swimming today and water ogt ito my ear when I got home it was irritatin me so I use a qtip but I guess I put it too far in or somthing cuz now it's worst. How can I ...

 do i need to treat my swollen hands or just leave them alone?
plz hurry its getting ...

 Who out there can not afford your Medical Needs?
Are you older? Disable? Not enough income?...

 To sit under a fan after sweating, is it good?
After an exercise session, it is good if one immediately sit under a fan to cold down the body:

a) while the body is still sweating?
b) after finish sweating?...

Donkey Puncher
How long can a person go without sleep?

After 3 days, they're considered legally insane. After 10 or so, they'll die or get severe brain damage.

11 days is the record (264 hours). Too long without sleep and you can suffer hallucinations, etc.

I remember something from GCSE Biology about sleep deprivation. If humans don't get REM sleep, it has a massive negative effect on the immune system + nervous system. Sleep also has some kind of effect upon cognitive functions although the reason for that are not 100% clear... best current hypothesis is that human require sleep to properly accumulate and apply what we learn. Kind of like how Windows needs a reboot after you install software.

Anyway point is, that in several Psychological case studies a person would be fine for around 52 hours (excluding basic signs of tiredness)... then reaction time starts dropping rapidly and cognitive ability also drops off. At about 72 hours there would be slow drop in a persons mental state participants would become increasingly aggressive and the metabolic rate drops (not sure about this). I really can't remember what happens after 96 hours.

the wandering sophist
As long as that person lives.

I mean, you never gave any conditions. You never said the person had to be healthy.

i think 10 days, my record is 3 and still had trouble sleeping

I have gone about 3 days before, but hell I was starting to see stuff and my brain was just not working at all, I wouldn't recommend over 2.

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