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Additional Details
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Just wondering....

 I get really stressed alot and I dont know how to control it my friends give me alot of advice its not working

 How do i get glass out of my foot....iv trieed tweesers....clippers....sizzors......wat… hurts so bad?

Additional Details
tweezers...clippers....sizzors....nothin… ...

How do you get rid of nightmares?
I've been having bad nightmares, and I haven't had nightmares for years. HOw do I get rid of them?

dont eat cheese at night

No-Longer-A- Member
Try and teach yourself to wake up or know that it's not real, it sounds hard but for years I suffered a nightmare that I still can't talk about today. One night I realised that I was in my dream, looked around myself and saw things that couldn't be real. As soon as I knew what was going on I shouted at my nightmare and told it I was in charge and from now on it was going to do what I said, the thing that had been making me scared to go to sleep told me I was disgusting and fled.

When you go to sleep try telling yourself something like "if it's a dream I'll see a pink and green spotted cat and then I'll be able to wake up." It'll soon work and when you do see puss just repeat "wake up, wake it it's only a dream," in a slow calm voice.

It's probably impossible but maybe if you don't go to sleep with the apprehension that you are going to have a nightmare, you'll have a decent dream. The old saying goes "What we fear, we create." It's true.

find out the meaning of the night mares, usually they are from things uve been stressing about ect and work thro the problems see a counsellor or something to that effect. try putting soothing music on when ur trying to get to sleep and also i don't know if it actully works but a cud try a dream catcher ive had family and friends say that they are great.

what's on your mind to cause these.?

take an asprin at night to help you sleep

No more cold pizza and Stephen King novels before bed?

Seriously, though, here are a couple tips that have helped me over the years through my bouts of nightmares:

I have nightmares almost nightly during times when I am really stressed. Maybe if you try to relax before you go to sleep, think of positive things, and so on, it will help. Just think before you go to sleep, "I'm going to have nice, pleasant, happy dreams tonight."

Also, this sounds a little silly, but get or make a dreamcatcher. Even if you don't think it will work just by reading this, try it. Imagine it protecting you from bad dreams by trapping them and letting good dreams through. Hang it up in your bedroom. If you imagine it shielding you from bad dreams, and believe it will work, it will.

Loving Mom I AM
Are you on any medication? Sometimes medication can have a affect on your sleeping patterns and your thoughts.

Before going to bed, think about happy things. Do things that make you happy and feel good and hope that will help.

Good luck.

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