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How do you cure a hangover?

Strong coffee sometimes works well.

One way is to drink one more beer / spirit (what ever you have been drinking the night before) when you get up..
This will make you drunk again and cure your hang over..

Another way is to eat greasy foods to soak up the alcohol..

Drinking a glass of milk before going out to drink is good for the stomach.

Take a little Worcester sauce in a glass and add a raw egg, beat and drink at once.

Fill up on fluids. "Alcohol stimulates the kidneys to produce more urine," says Dr. Geller. "Consequently, you're dehydrated, and you need to replace the lost fluids. So as soon as you get up in the morning, drink two eight-ounce glasses of water." It doesn't hurt to drink some water before you go to bed the night before, either.
Get up and get out. "Exercise is the best thing to do when you have a hangover," says Dr. Geller. "Excessive alcohol depletes your body's supply of endorphins, or mood-elevating hormones."

You can boost your body's supply of endorphins with light to moderate exercise for 20 minutes. Dr. Geller recommends taking a brisk walk, working out at the gym or going for a light jog.

Soothe an upset stomach. "Too much alcohol can inflame the stomach lining," says Dr. Geller. "If you have stomach upset, reach for an antacid. Follow label directions."

Eat light. "Most women aren't interested in eating a heavy meal when they have hangovers," notes Dr. Geller. "If you feel like eating, stick to light foods that are bland and easy to digest--such as melba toast, white rice and pretzels--and sip beverages like ginger ale and bouillon."

Peel a banana. "Excessive alcohol can diminish carbohydrate levels," says Dr. Geller. "Bananas are a nutritious source of complex carbohydrates and provide energy, which is sorely lacking the morning after."

Tame that throbbing head. "If you have a headache, take enteric-coated aspirin, which is formulated to digest in the intestines, rather than in your already upset stomach," says Dr. Geller.


If you have a wicked hangover, you've probably resolved to drink less next time (or not at all). Here are some tips to make sure that your current hangover is your last hangover.

Know your limits. "Your body gets rid of alcohol at the rate of three-quarters of a drink per hour," says Dr. Geller. "One drink is one five-ounce glass of wine, one can of beer or one shot of gin, bourbon, whiskey or other hard liquor. For women, more than three drinks per hour will put them over the legal limit."

Pace yourself. "Alternate alcoholic with nonalcoholic drinks over the course of an evening," suggests Dr. Geller. Or skip the alcohol and stick to ginger ale.

have alot of juicy fruits ex: watermelon, honeydew, mangoes etc.

Work out, get the toxins out of your body. And drink water.

throw up

its me
Here it is: the fruit of all our painstaking research, The Almighty Hangover Emergency Cure. While the ingredients in this kit are based on hard science and not personal mythology, it must be said that there really is no cure for a hangover in the same sense that penicillin is a cure for an infection. There are several things, however, that you can put into your body to ease the pain and assist rapid recovery, including a little-known substance called cysteine. Cysteine directly counteracts the poisonous effects of acetaldehyde. The following arsenal-in-a-milkshake is so loaded with the anti-toxic munitions your body needs, that after it makes short work of your hangover, it might just clear out your nasal passages, shrink your hemorrhoids, and leap out of your body and write your History term paper. Behold the official SoYouWanna.com Almighty Hangover Emergency Cure (patent pending):

1. Take 2 aspirins
2. Take 200mg cysteine (available at specialty food stores)
3. Take 600mg vitamin C
4. Take 1 tablet vitamin B-complex
5. Mix the following ingredients together in a blender:

1 banana
1 small can V-8
6 large strawberries
2 tablespoons honey
1 cup orange juice
1-2 cups milk (or soy milk), to desired consistency
ΒΌ tsp. salt
dash of nutmeg
6. Drink it all up.
If necessary, follow up with a dose of Maalox, lots of Gatorade, and bouillon soup for dinner. These ingredients will rehydrate your body, replace essential vitamins and minerals, and help rid your body of some of the toxic byproducts of metabolized alcohol.

For a headache that drugs don't seem to touch, try an icepack or a bag of frozen peas wrapped in a tea towel, 20 minutes on your head, 10 minutes off. There've been lots of hangover remedies over the centuries, from the Assyrian crushed swallows' beaks with myrrh to Rabbit Dropping Tea (though we think that it tastes a little raisin-y). Friends of ours have suggested everything from club soda to the classic Bull's Eye (OJ and a raw egg) to pickle brine straight from the pickle jar. But if you're looking for something substantial that actually prevents vomiting, invest in the necessary pills and keep your blender handy; the Almighty Hangover Emergency Cure, judiciously combined with the wise drinking practices detailed above, is for you.

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