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 Is it possible to get stiches near your throat?!?
this girl at my school is an "attention wanter" big time.. and she someone had an ipod shoved down her throat and it cut something near her uvula thing that dangles in your mouth.. dont ask ...

 How do I get several splinters out that have been in my finger tip for more than a year?

Additional Details
I don't think it is serious enough to go see a doctor....

 Is there any ways to stop my back and shoulders from peeling? (I got a sunburn)?
It hurts too and kinda sensitive too?...

 what is the best conditioner?

 How do I heal a small cut as quickly as possible?
I'm getting married on Saturday and when I was sleeping last night my cat scratched my face right below my nose. The cut isn't very big, but it's big enough to notice it. What can I ...

 What should i do if i have a water bubble blister on my foot?
I got a big water bubble blister on my foot from playing tennis. It's pretty big and i have it on both of my feet. How should i care for it? And should i stop playing tennis for a while to ...

 how to tell,,,,,,,?
are you constipated if every time you have a bowel movement its really small and you feel like you have to go more and you push as hard as you can and nothing comes out?
Additional Details...

 mosquito bites...... help?
my mosquito bites are way itchy!! i put hydro-cortisone on, but is not working..... any ideas to get rid of them fast or stop the itching??
Additional Details
thanks guys!...

 how can I pass wind with out anybody knowing?

 Really bad sunburn!?
my skin is super light, and yester day i went swimming for 4 hours without sunscreen, and today for 3 hours without sunscreen! I was not thinking! what are some really fast & easy ways to get rid ...

 if i was rape and what kind off hospital room will i bee in and which part of a hospital will i bee in ?
and how would they do test if i am past out and what is a rape kit can they give me one if i was past ...

 Omg!! I just got some soap in my right eye...will it be in there forever..cuz it stings really bad!!?

 my fever just keeps going up?
i wasnt feeling good today so i stayed home, my temperature was only 101.8 but all of a sudden i got really dizzy so i took my temperature and now its 104.4 should i go to the emergency room?

 how to help sunburn heal faster?
i got pretty bad sunburn two days ago. i've been using aloe and taking some advil and it faded a little but it still hurts pretty bad. any suggestions on how to make it hurt less and look ...

 What kind of a bite/sting is this?
I was outside cleaning spider webs off of my grandma's porch when I felt this sharp pain in my fore arm. I slapped whatever was on my arm and went inside to look at the wound. The bite/sting ...

 What type of bug bite is this?
I have more than 5 lumps all over my body.
-A lump
- When you scratch the scab puss or a clear liquid comes out
- It has one bite mark on it
- One has two


 How would the surgeon fix my under bite? How much would it cost?

 How can you convice someone to cover their wound?
It was a burn. I helped them dress it with a bandage, used peroxide, and ointment. Now they don't want to cover it, and it's oozing with pus. I gave them advice that they need to keep ...

 How many glasses of grape juice should you drink each day?
I keep hearing about the antioxidant benefits of 100% concord grape juice. How many glasses do you need to drink each day to reap the benefits?...

 What is a bug bite that has a red dot in the middle?
Well I found something that looked like a bug bite below my left eyebrow and when I touch it it hurts so dang bad that my eyes almost squint shut i'm thinking its some kind of spider bite it isn&...

How do i stop my migraines?
I take several prescriptions and have even tried herbals. Once i get the auras and i lose my vision there is nothing i can do releive it. How can i cope with this?

sip water take naps and eat right

try excedrine migrane. It helps.

Lay down in a nice, dark room. Make sure there are no interruptions because the darkness will calm you down. Also while you are there, take a small nap. When I get migraines, I usually take about an hour nap. Sometimes I wake up still my headache but almost 95% of the time, they are gone after I wake up. Hope it helps!!

Go to a Chiropractor and get an adjustment on your neck and back.

I don't get migraines, but I do get headaches. Mine is caused by upper back and neck muscle tightness. I have learned how to stretch to avoid a headache, but I started by going to the chiropractor. I highly recommend chiropractors for headache pain. My mother gets migraines and claims that chiropractors dramatically improved her situation as well.

sipping cold water and taking a nap helps.

I am the owner of an Oxygen Bar and combine Oxygen with Aroma Therapy. I have had many customer come in with bad migrains (Some had to be driven here due to the pain). I give them an O2 session with either lavendar or Peppermint aromas (Must be natural essential oils) This has helped every customer that I have had come in with this problem. I just had one this morning and after 15 minutes of O2 and Lavander/tangerine she left without a headache. Many say this is myth but I know for fact it has helped myself and many very happy customers. See if there is an Oxygen Bar in yor area. It can't hurt to try.

Oxygen Therapy benefits:
Increases stamina and endurance
Detoxifies the blood and strengthens the immune system
Heightens concentration and alertness
Relief from hangovers!!!!!!!!!!
Relief from stag and migraine headaches!
Helps the digestion system to perform more efficiently!
Improves hair and skin conditions!
Improves stamina!
Replenishes body’s energy level!
Filters toxins from the blood!
Clarity of the mind!

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