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 Does everyone have neck spasms?
Me and my sister have them where it looks like we're shivering in our neck but she calles them sejours (sp?) and I don't know if everyone has them....

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 what do u do when ur pooop comes out green and burns ur iner anus?
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 What made you smile today?

Additional Details
mine isnt even close to a first degree burn.. way below. it isnt that ...

 My husband has poison ivy.....BAD?
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 What are the 5 stages of human sleep?
What were the 5 stages?????...

How do i get an eyelash out of my eye?
Hey, I just got an eyelash in my eye, its on my eye with the top eyelid covering over it, its been here for about 15 mintues, since i posted this question, I need some help getting it out, I can't see the eyelash at all be i can feel it. It doesnt hurt only sometimes if i blink slowly, but hurts if i slowly close my eye, I have a really bad scaredness to water so i can't do anything that touches or puts water in my eye, any ideas of how i can get the eyelash out?
Additional Details
I dont think i can blink/tear it out cause i cant seem to get any tears.

Alexanders Momma
wash your hands then wet your finger and try to keep your eye open with one hand. If your finger is wet enough then when you touch it then it should stick to your finger this happens to me all the time putting on mascra

do what others said
good luck

i've had this happen tons of times, unfortunately...

close your eye, and gently rub over the top of your eyelid - just like you would when waking up in the morning...this will move the eyelash -when it becomes visible, with *washed hands*, simply put your index finger directly on the lash and sweep it out.

conrad x
wash your hands in water thoroughly, so that its damp and clean. then rub the top eye lid with your eyes closed to get the eye lash to move to the bottom or the left or right corner. then gentry look in the mirror and gently rub out with the finger (not too much or too hard other wise you might hurt your self).

lift your eye lid an try to touch the eye lash to get it out. Or keep blinking until it moves to your crease of the eye.

Brown Sugar
i agree with the others.

Use eye drops. Never fails.

This happens to me often..first of all be careful not to scratch your cornea which is the size of a contact lense..second i would flush your eye with lukewarm water (its not a big deal at all, just keep doing it until you keep your eye open). If that doesn't work call your eye doctor tomorrow first thing in the morning and get an appointment (tell them you are experiencing pain and have something in your eye, they will tell you to come in that day. I had to do this before..its really fast and he gets it out in like 5 seconds)

DO NOT RUB or it will damage your cornea. It may be a cyst. Do some google research. Also webmd.com is great.


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