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 What's that thing called that you put around your neck when you had an accident or injury?
It's commonly white and it looks somehow like a bandage, it's just more thicker.
Additional Details
Oh lol, I feel so stupid for not knowing what it's called. haha thanks, ...

 When you are in a deep problem that you think there is no way out, who do you go to?

 leukaemia can be occured in Adult?
35 year old woman can suffer leukaemia? She has 3 children....

 how do i get my arm to stop breaking?
im a little bit of an adrenaline junky so i jump off my roof a lot. but its fun to land on my trampoline and it sinks so far down that i hit the ground and it breaks............ every time! how can i ...

 how do you get rid of a blister?
i have a blister on the tip of my tongue....how do i get rid of it??...

 what could be wrong with my sister?
she has the following:

a fever
sore throat
painful neck
stuffy nose
runny nose
her stomach hurts
she's ...

 I put an earplug in my ear twenty minutes later I took it out and now I can't hear the same.?

 What is best for gas pains and bloating?

 Just curious, how long of standing in the cold rain and having cold wet feet till you might get sick?

Additional Details
What if you're around 250+ people?...

 Does my cut need stiches?
I slipped with a knife and I got a bad cut on my wrist, it isn't very long and it has stopped bleeding but every time my wrist bend the cuts opens, not really bleeding much. Does it need ...

My husband was digging a ditch today in our yard and he has a huge blister. Is there anything that he can do about it....

 WHAT'S GOOD FOR ANXIETY? I only prefer natural remedies please.?
I suffer from anxiety attacks.I do not want to take man made drugs. Is there something natural, besides "Saint John's Wart" that I can take?...

 which is more important, man's virginity or woman's?

 Home remedy's, whats the strangest one you've ever heard of?
Once when I was a little girl I received a bad cut from a broken glass, the lady next door who was probably in her 80's put a spider web on it, she said it would heal fine...and it did. Have ...

 Is it normal for a 10 yr.old boy who has'nt undergone puberty changes to have enlarged breasts?

 i cut myself on the finger?
I cut my finger at work yesterday on a lid and i put it under water to stop it from bleeding then put on a bandaid but i was washing dishes most of the time so i had to keep rechanging the bandaid ...

 what happens if you don't remove a splinter from finger?
Ten years ago I was jumping a fence made of wood and got a splinter on my finger. I never got it out. Now I'm wondering if that can be bad for my health....

 How do u get rid of dizzy spells?
I think I may be pregnant but not sure yet. I have been getting ALOT of dizzy spells. I almost fainted today at work any home remedys?...

 How to prevent infection?
I got a staple in my finger from opening one of the fireworks packages. I took it out and quickly put it in hot water. Since viruses don't thrive in heat, would this help prevent me from getting ...

 My mom sliced her finger ? Help please.?
Sorry this is kind of lengthy.

So my mom was cleaning a vase, and it had a weak spot, so it shattered and sliced her finger.
It didn't slice it off, it's like if you hold ...

How do I keep my stress level down?

I've recently had to ask this question myself.......here's what I've come up with.....ask yourself what's making you stressed, in my case it was my job, and what makes you relaxed, in my case spending time with my boyfriend, and I realized I was spending way too much time at work, like 65 hours a week and my personal life was dissolving....so i put my priorities together and was able to make sure i give myself a "work time budget" I don't let myself work over 60 hours and my boyfriend and I made a rule we have to rent a movie and stay home at least one day a week, that way I feel stress free! (ok stress free is WAY exagerated...but i do feel a lot better!)

Being mindfull is the best. Know every moment when you do something. Don't be absent minded.

If you notice your body and brain is tired, take a rest.

If you notice you think something bad in your mind and give you headache or exausted.. stop thinking.

If something you have to think & plan ahead ,think calm and peacefully with mindfullness.

In this way, you can save your energy and avoid from wasting it. But you have to be mindfull as much as you can..

Try to do and think simply. I notice everytime i try to trick.. give me headache.

Boss Tokyo
Try some of these foods known as "stress-busters"
Banana nut bread
and almonds

Exercise, walk around the block a few times.

Alana Creative
I dont meditate. But i turn on classical music alot, and just lay on my back and breathe in and out,closing my eyes. It makes me calmer, and less-stressed.

Smoking marijuana helps relieve stress levels. Meditation and streching also help me relieve stress.

dark angel
learn to say i dont give a -

well what work for me is meditation and a message twice a month.If your spiritual God is a sure way to realive stress you can call on him for comfort he'll give you the strenght to move on and realize we can't change things that already happened,and he will give you the wisdom to know how try it and believe.....

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