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Jen the Cat Captain
How do I get water out of my inner ear?
It's driving me crazy! There's some kind of pressure or water stuck in my inner ear, and it's been like this for 5 months now. My allergist put me on a steroid and a decongestant, but neither worked. I have two nasal sprays that are supposed to be helping, but aren't. I complain about this every time I go to the doctor, but nothing ever changes, and nothing ever gets better with this.
When I open my jaw, my ear feels like it does when you're on an airplane, and I can't really hear out of it.
I've tried everything I can think of! What am I missing? What else can I do?
Additional Details
Ah, Mucinex is the decongestant that my allergist put me on. The only thing I felt on it was extreme drowsiness. And you're right, it really was expensive, because those packs don't have very many tablets in them!
Plus, the pharmacy lady looks at me like I'm using them for recreational drugs or something, because I keep needing refills! (My doc. had me take two in the morning, and two at night.)

Dondo Hiv
Put salt in a sock and hold it up to your ear. It makes the water evaporate.

a warm room and tip your head like you would pour jugs and keep doing it and it should go sooner or later

i had a deaf ear for about 4 weeks after i had a cold. try pinching ur nose closed and blowing gently every hour until u hear it start crackling dont blow too hard tho

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