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 Need advice ASAP. Friend has chest pains/won't go to emergency room.?
Received late night call from a friend whose daughter (about 30 years old)is experiencing chest pains almost with every beat of her heart. I said: "get the freak to the emergency room" but ...

 Treating tiny burn on finger?
Hi, I just accidentally touched the oven rack of a 500F oven and now I have a small burn about a centimeter in size on my finger. The stinging is really annoying me and I was wondering if anyone had ...

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 how to get over a hangover?

 If you put Lysol on your hands, will it work the same as hand sanitizer?

 how do i quit smoking with out wanting to killsome one?

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thanks for the site and for you mr long you are mean you nothing about my life so dont judge ...

 I was bit by 2 mosquitos 2 days ago on my hand and its hot, red, and really swollen what do I do?
I was walking through a park two days ago and was bitten by 2 mosquitos on two different areas on my hand. Over the past 2 days my hand has been extreamly swollen, red, and hot, the swelling has ...

 What do you call people who can't smell?

 doe's this sound like a spider bite?
I recently seen a black spot on my back thinking it was maybe a pimple forming, When I go to feel it,it feels like a ball of something inside of it. When I tried popping it, just blood came out but ...

 bitten by a squirrel......really urgent!!?
i was just walking my dog and out of know where this squirrel ran upto me and bit me in the neck, im bleeding and im foaming at the mouth and everytime i try to talk i growl!!!!! my dog was bit on ...

 what problems an arise when daughter marries the son of a diabetic father?

 How do you treat insect or spider bites, especially one like a brown recluse (wolf) spider at home?
Will one of those Hydrocortizone creams that the doctor once told me to use for itching because of a bad sunburn help? It doesn't really itch, but it does burn.
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 How to clean your ears if you ran out of the ear solution they gave?
If you ran out of ear solution what do you use to keep cleaning y0our ears?

i know you can use salt in warm water but can you use that even if your ears arn't infected?...

 Can garlic make you feel ill,when you put it in your underarms?

 Which is more hamrful to society and body, alcohol or marijuana?Why are pot laws so strict.?

 How many hours of daily sleep does a person (grown) need?

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grown up i mean!...

 something just stung me. it was black wasp or bee i dont know but what do i put on it i dont have any onions?

 how can i get fluid out my ear?
i got fluid in my ear how do i get it ...

 If you dream that you die in your sleep,do you atually die?

 should i go to the hospital?
i have a really bad sunburn. to the point where i cant walk at all, or even move without severe pain. i have puss-like blisters. i keep getting cold and getting the chills. ( i was out in the sun for ...

How Exactly does drinking Grapefruit juice interfere with certain medications??
I have asked this question for yrs, and no one, not even the health professionals have given me a good answer!! Hoping someone on this site can help!! Thx
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I will also say that the citrus in Orange juice never is a problem...they just say Grapefruit.

is it because the juice is so acidic and it can aggravate stomach acid where the tablets are broken down and dispersed.


it works in a lot of ways like red wine works for your heart. i think it has a thinning effect on your blood and keeps it flowing. maybe that has something to do with it?

[email protected]
it changes them chemically so that they are not absorbed

Grapefruit juice contains a number of natural substances that suppress an intestinal enzyme (CYP3A) responsible for metabolizing certain medications. This may increase the absorption of some orally administered medications in the bloodstream, and as a result, may increase the effects of the drug and possibly increase the risk of an adverse reaction.
These risks continue for up to 72 hours after consumption.

Note that grapefruit will not interfere with medication administered by injection.

Grapefruit may increase the amount of certain medications in your body.

But chemicals in grapefruit interfere with enzymes that break down certain drugs in your digestive system. This can result in abnormally high blood levels of these drugs and an increased risk of serious side effects.

The exact chemical or chemicals in grapefruit juice that cause this interaction aren't known. But they're present in the pulp and peel of grapefruit as well as in the juice. For this reason, any grapefruit product — including dietary supplements that contain grapefruit bioflavonoids — can interact with some medications. You may also want to avoid tangelos, a hybrid grapefruit. They may have a similar effect.

Waiting to take medications even up to 24 hours after you drink grapefruit juice will not prevent an interaction.

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