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David B
Home solutions for gas.?

baking soda

try electricity

b a lil specific?

< Roger That >
Don't know if these work, but here's what I found:

1. The old fashion exercise 'the bicycle' where you lay on the floor & push your feet & legs up in the air like you are riding a bike. The key is to get your hips up off of the floor too. Instant cure for gas. All that pedaling gets things moving inside.


3. A teaspoon of mustard works wonders.

4. Best remedy for gas and bloating is chewing 1 tbsp Fennel seeds after meals.

5. Eat one or two peppermints. I know your like, 'Wow, that's it!' Trust me, it works.

6. Eat one or two garlic dill pickles, I just did it! man it really works, And loving dill pickles it was an easy cure!

7. Four charcoal capsules will eliminate gaseaous bloat within an hour or so.
If eating something which you know creates this problem, take the capsules before the meal. Can be obtained through www.puritans pride.com

8. Boil a few mint leaves in a cup of water for about 5mins.Drink this after every meal and it will keep gas problems away.

9. Try to avoid foods that cause it. Fast foods can cause severe gas. Cut down on broccoli, dairy, beans, cabbage... anything that makes you have gas.

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