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 any sunburn remedies? mine's kinda burning. thanks.?

 What to do when you have a headache?
Help mee! I can't sleep. and I already drank asperine, or whatever is it called. And I feel like throwing up all the water I drank. :S And I'm hungry but I don't have apetite. but, ...

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 Can hand-washing be replaced with Germ-X or other hand sanitizers?

 cut eye help??
ok at a wrestling match today my opponent's fingernail cut my eye. it cut my eyeball. it only cut the white part on the outterside of the pupil. there is blood but its slightly bigger than my ...

 How to treat an open wound?
Ok i have a gash about an inch wide. If i went to the docotrs i think they would give me stitches but what would happen if i dont go? If i clean it well and cover it up will it just heal over of i do ...

 how do you cure a mosquito bite on your lip?

 severe mosquito bite swelling, what can i use beside over the counter meds for the itch?
i normally put a little cayenne pepper on small blisters that i get from my new shoes to stop the itch but it does not seem to work on this mosquito bite and huge swelling, i have all the over the ...

 Help! I have a ring stuck on my finger! What do I do?
Being a complete idiot, I stuck a ring on my middle finger and now it won't come off. I have tried soap and olive oil so far, but have had no luck. Please help me by giving any suggestions you ...

 Scalded my foot with hot porridge... don't laugh?
The wound has been a bit weepy and due to the nature of my work, I have to wear shoes, so haven't been able to leave it open to the air. It is really itchy tonight. Is it just healing or ...

 I accidentally stabbed myself with either a pen or a pencil, what should I do?
A couple hours ago I stabbed myself underneath my fingernail with what I'm pretty sure was either a mechanical pencil or a pen (I was blindly reaching around inside my purse). It hurt a lot and ...

 Any ideas how to get a burn to stop hurting?
I started cooking and burnt my hand about thirty minutes ago and it really hurts. (Yeah, and I start typing too... Kind of a stupid idea.)

I was cooking fried chicken in a skillet with ...

 What is the best way to heal a painful blister-like, flat-like, bump on my tongue?
My tongue is in pain, someone please help. There is a blister-like bump on my tongue. WHAT SHOULD I DO??????...

 how can you make a scrape heal faster?
ok so like i know i was reallly stupid for doing this but like i got a pimple and i popped it the head came out but it was still hard so i thought something was still in there and like so i squeezed ...

 what is the best way to make muscles?

 what causes de ja vu (in your opinion)?

 I have a habit thats driving me crazy. i scratch my scalp,it don't even itch. I just pick at it.?
And then it will get sore and maybe bleed a little. help me please....

 What does the drug 'St John's Wort' actully do for your health?
I have been told that it is VERY good for stress. I am interested in trying it out....

 how can i sleep immediately?
i have difficulty in sleeping everynight... i want to sleep in such a way that when i go to bed.. after 2 mins or max of 10 mins.. im already asleep.. what must i do? i believe i have no insomnia... ...

 i just burned my face..help!?
okay i picked up the custard and it was red hot and dropped it and it splashed on my face and it burned it. i ran it under cold water and it stingslike hell pleas help me!...

Have a problem swallowing pills / I tried chewing them up but can't take the horrible taste, .....?
with certain meds you have to swallow whole (like control release). Any idears??

My boyfriend has the same problem. Putting the pill inside of ice cream or applesauce works for him, if we can not find the medication in liquid form. Ask your Doctor you would be amazed about the number of medications in liquid form.

mixed it will with juice, or drop it in a 1/4 glass of water, let it melt then the time you take it followed by a glass of juice. how' that sounds? i always done this to my son's meds. it absorb also fast to your system. he drink it easily with no problem with thetaste.( If it is a capsules just open it and put it in the water).

put the pills inside a fruits.

yogurt is a good idea, juice also might help more than water

take with jelly any flavour you like its very easy to swallow and goes down easy

My mother always put pills in a spoonfull of applesauce for my brother, who use to gag when taking pills. My son takes the pill, puts it in his mouth....takes a huge gulp of milk and it goes right down.
Good luck! I am a person that has to take up to 20 pills a day and feel for ya!

i have the same problem, so i put all pills in a small spoonfull of naturel yoghurt. it hides the taste, and it is good for you.

Unfortunately it just takes time to get used to doing it. It took me 24 years to finally be able to swallow pills. It was more of a mental thing of not thinking that I am swallowing a pill to get it down. Also, ask your doctor if they have the medication in chewable tablet or liquid form.

♥ ☆ StarLiteGrl~98☼1 ☆ ♥
I have the same problem.
I started taking them with juice, milk, yogurt, applesauce, or a spoonful of pudding. Those seem to help me.

Good luck!

put the pills in apple sauce or peanut butter. When u eat the food, u can't even feel of taste the pills going down. (doesn't work all the time - 50/50 chance...)

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