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 Bee Sting Symptons, Whats normal?
ok so i got stung by a bee and its raised around the sting. its circular. red, itchy, warm, throbbing. This Normal? What will make it ok? Home remedies?...

 my eye lid is a bit swollen?
and its very watery. whats wrong?
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 I just went to the doctor and she said I was Near Sighted with -0.5 and -0.75, is that bad?
I have never had glasses before and know nothing about wearing them or vision for that matter. I don't even really understand the whole process but I just know that my perscription was for -0.5 ...

 I've been itching a lot lately, did my girlfriend give me crabs?

 how would i remove a splinter from my nephew's foot?
i tried using a tweezer but it ain't working
is there something i can put on it to make come out a bit?
any suggestions?...

 If I don't eat much to save money, is it still anorexia?
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 anybody knows what to put on a scratch to heal extremely fast???!!?
:( today is thurstday nd i hav prom on saturday ... i need to know if anyone knows what to put on a scratch so it would heal and to make matters worst it ON MY FOREHEAD!!! UGHHH...

 hi! my boyfriend has a unbarrable bump on his buttcrack its swollen and it looks bruised. what could it be?
its not a spider bite. its at the top of his crack, it looks and feels bruised. its not bleeding or oozing anything.
Additional Details
its not herpies....

 my throat is always full of plegm. I'm always having to clear my throat, what can I use get rid of phlegm?

 Which cartoon character do you prefer on your Band-Aids?
I like Curious George myself.
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(I also like the purple glow-in-the-dark Harry Potter ones.)...

 My ear hurts! whats wrong?
My ear has been irritating me lately its very itchy and seems like there is extra discharge. then I noticed on a q-tip blood.
now when I eat my ear pops and it hurts to eat! whats up with this? ...

 Why can't you have aspirin in a first aid box?

 How do I get the itch out of a Mosquito bite?

 Did I break my finger or what?
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 i think that i'm bipolar?
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 what is the easiest way to give up smoking?
I've heard that one should his own nails in a cigarette and smoke it, that it works in 100% of cases. but it sounds so disguating!...

 i can't help but sunburn HELP!!!?
I live in a very hot dry area. Natural selection clearly selected me for Germany but my stupid ancestors couldn't stay put. Now every time I step out my door I get burnt. I put on spf 45 and I...

 What would you rather bee or a wasp?

 What's the best way to hide carpet burns on your knees?

 My boyfriend tried to eat a beer can (actual metal) & cut his mouth open yesterday. Could he get an infection?
It was his 21st birthday so he was REALLY drunk!
He doesn't believe in going to doctors.
Additional Details
Come on guys! You haven't been that drunk before?


Lilly :D
HOW can you help a sunburn????????!?
It hurts really badly.I stayed outside today for this thing we did,and my face is burnt REALLY bad.It kinda looks like I painted sections of my face light pink.

urine, although gross, relieves the burn.

Montana Girl
Take Vitamin E. Also, pierce a vitamin E capsule and smear it on your face--it's thick gooey oil, but the best treatment for any kind of burn--if you want QUICK results. Do NOT use a Vitamin E cream because it will have perfumes and other goo in it that are NOT good for sunburn. Also, go to health food store and get aloe vera gel--try to get pure. OR, if anyone you know has a real aloe vera plant, slice the leaf, and apply the gel to your face--keep away from eyes, of course. It will feel refreshingly cool on your face too. Yeah, real sticky combination, but after you let both sit for several minutes, then splash really cold water gently to wash off; then repeat again within 1/2 to 1 hour. Keep doing until bedtime.
When I got really badly sunburned snorkeling down in the Caribbean--I mean a RED sunburn--it was TAN !! by the next morning from doing the Vitamin E and Aloe treatments every hour.

Get some aloe vera.....Belive me, that's like a miracle good luck!!

Amy L
I use to take milk baths. Fill up with milk and soak. Vaseline is good too. Minimizes the cracking.

Use Aloe jel all over the sunburn or If you have an aloe plant take a portion of the plant and rub it on the burn it really works better but the jel will do fine. Good luck.

count alucard
noxzima soothes and helps with peeling,mixing in a little aloe can't hurt!

kerry k
Monica, go and get a bottle of Aloe Vera gel. Better yet, leaves from an actual plant. Yes the plant juices might feel a little sticky, but if you want relief, Aloe Vera is the way to go. It's natural, and beats just about anything on the market. The only other thing that works really good is Silver Sulfadiazine. You would need a prescription for this one, but it also does a wonderful job. For now, go get the Aloe Vera. You can also use Aloe Vera on surface cuts. It stings a little in the wound, but it works really good to promote healing.

Aloe vera is best, but sticky. I have used St.Ives aloe vera lotion and it worked great.

Apple cider vinegar in cold water. Put on washcloth and lay on your face. When the rag starts getting warm put back in the cold water/vinegar solution and reapply. Take a pain reliever also.

aloe vera lotion/gel

Denise J
I have fair skin and had 3rd degree sunburn. The best thing that works for me when I get to much now is fill the bath tub with warm water and pour in a whole bottle of white distilled vinegar. (small bottle will do) It smells bad but that burning STOPS!!!! After you can use aloe vera or the spray of solarcaine. That way your skin doesn't have to be touched.

Natural green gel plant lotion called : Aloe or Alovera

Cool guy
aloe vera gel



If you don't have Aloe lotion, DO NOT use regular skin lotion. You may try cool rags to pull the heat out, and then later (tomorrow) try the aloe or even vaseline if you are stuck, something that will keep your skin pliable, or it may crack or blister.

u hav 2 put aloe on it u can buy it at drugstores

joe jonas is freakin hot
Put lotion on it and don't rub it. :)

use cold compresses, do not put any oil on your face at all. Drink lots of fluids and if you have Aloe put that on, it helps take the sting out. If nothing else cold washcloths on your face will help. I have heard you can dip a washcloth in very cold milk and apply it as a compress too, just rinse with cool water after. Before going to bed apply a light lotion to your skin but not oil.

Take aspirin. Your skin has a fever and the aspirin will take way the hot feeling. Honsest. I am very fair skinned and this works for me. I hope you feel better.

Aloe vera gel, or Noxema medicated skin cream works wonders as well.

Aloe for the skin, aspirin or another antiinflammatory, like Tylenol or ibuprofen for the pain and swelling. Stay out of the sun until your burn is gone. If you need to go out wear a hat and a sunscreen with a high SPF.


Aloe Vera works well

smack your face really hard until it goes numb

aloe vera gel works wonders


Cold aloe and cold compresses--you want to get the heat out. Take cool showers.

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