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HELP MEDICAL EMERGENCY In need of assistance immediately!?
i have just received my first ever bloody nose! Me and my assistant at work are in a panic! Neither one of us have ever had a bloody nose before! Please instruct me on how to fix this problem! We have a meeting in 20 minutes and need to have the situation settled by then! 5 points to whoever gives the best advice!
Additional Details
thanks you so much! but how could this have happened?!

My Name is Mudd

Tilt your head back until it stops bleeding, tell your boss you cant got to the meeting because you have a bloody nose or whatever.

some say tilt head back and let blood run down throat, others say forward and out into a tissue or something. you can try sticking some rolled-up tissue in there to stop the flow (make sure you leave enough hanging out that it doesn't get stuck). Unless you are a hemophiliac, the wound will seal itself naturally after a little bit, just don't disturb it too much.


To stop the bleeding: Tilt the head backwards slightly and pinch the nose firmly in the center.Hold for a couple of minutes and release very slowly. That's the easy part.

A bloody nose can pop up as you say due to dry nasal passages and are more common in the winter months due to heating systems running. An over the counter remedy that will help take care of this in the future is called Nasal Chrome. This is merely saline solution that cleans and moisturizes the nasal passages.

On the flip side, bloody noses can be a symptom of other physical problems, with high blood pressure being the primary factor. If you had a headache at the time of the nose bleed it would be in your best interest to have a physical exam completed. Be sure to inform the doc of the nose bleed and what you were experiencing at the time.

If nothing was happening to you and it just popped so to speak, make a note of it and if you begin to develop more frequent nose bleeds you will need to see a physician. Be sure to jot down every incidence and take the information to the doctor with you!

Hope this helps.

Kat* to the Extreme
Usually I just call everyone on my speed dial and then wait till I pass out from blood loss. Then it's whoever finds me first's problem.

tilt your head FOREWORD and pinch the soft part of your nose.
hold it like that until it has clotted

when it has clotted dont pick at it or have any hot drinks

if you tilt backward <-bad the blood will drip into your throat and you will
then be bleeding and choking!

the steam from a hot drink will go up your nose and make the new stab soft Again and
then you will start bleeding again

Tilt head back and pinch nose for a few minutes wiping away any blood that makes it out.

Ps that is not at emergency.

5 ft 7 Texas Heaven
It'll probly be too late but ask him to take notes in case ya bleed out.

Shell the Sour
Cauterize STAT! Find a bbq lighter and stick it up there. Do be careful not to melt the nostril completely shut.

Ultrastooge PhD.
How far apart are your contractions?

Sour Girl!
Can you put the blood in a vial and send it to me? I'm feeling anemic and feel I need to drink some extra blood. Thanks so much!

Have A Break;Have A Kitkat
what?! i want more! you cheap shi'te !

lol! roll up the tissues and stick them up your nose, and you're done ..

вℓυєвєℓℓє gσт ѕ?αикє∂
DON'T lean backward. You'll swallow blood and that can cause upset stomach. Sitting upright, tilt your head forward and pinch your nostrils together for 10 minutes.

J NAES ~working hard
enjoy your meeting. and remember....
you do NOT talk about Fight Club

Clint C
fill your nose with silicone window sealant.

I assume you've called 911 already... do you have any mini-marshmallows to jam up there and stop the bleeding?

a bloody nose is not an emergency, grab a tissue and tilt your head backwards till it stops drama queen

5 points? that sounds like a rip off. did you bleed all over the other 5?

I need more Cowbell!®
Stop picking your nose.

don't worry about it. I'm on my period so I'll just lend you a tampon and we can have a parachute party

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