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It's A Secret To Everyone
HELP ASAP: My BF got Antibacterial Face Cleanser in his eye?
He was playing around with my makeup. He put like just a tiny brush of eyeshadow on his eye, and I told him to use the eye makeup remover lotion. Instead he grabbed this face cleaning stuff and it got in his eye. He rinsed it with water; and put eye drops in it, and now apparently its not better, but worse. What should he do?

Just keep flushing it with water, it's going to burn but it wont cause damage. It's Face Cleanser so it's meant to not be harmful to eyes/mouth.

A Homeopathic Remedy I suggest "Euphrasia" drops, or if not available Euphrasia tablets.

Stick to natural remedies whenever possible, ESPECIALLY any eye treatment,
You did not state how long since he did this.. as with all things, sooner the better, better healing.

Probably any alcohol in the wash is the greatest irritant, and will take time to resolve in any event, but helped on the road to recovery with GOOD Intention too. On a lighter note hope he SEES the folly of his actions, this is how we all learn.
Best o' British

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