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Dweedle Dum
Eww.. Please Help! 10 Points for GREAT Answer?
Ok...So this morning i woke up. Got dressed.

I felt a ripping feeling in my mouth under my tongue with a hint of blood.

So i asked My friend Look under my tongue Doesnt It look different then yours?

She looked up down around. She Said You dont have the thing that connects from under your tongue to the bottom of your mouth.

Im Likeee. HUH!?!?!?!?!?! Shes just like you know that thing, she showed me hers. and then im like Oh, SO i look in the mirror and its so disgusting because im gushing blood! And Its gone!


Point: What do i do and has this ever happened to you?

yes. you have to see a doctor. you can lose speech

See a doctor. It sounds potentially dangerous. How did it happen?

Rachel P
OMG ouchie!!!! i would go to the docter... its never happened to me sorry

Don't panic, please. I don't think it's dangerous. When I was young my doctor actually cut that thing (whatever they call it) only on the top lip because my lip was always kind of stiff. It should heal fast and nothing bad is gonna happen. But if you really worry just go see your doctor.

It's never happened to me, but you should see a doctor immediatly.

I have a friend who that happened to. usually it is from some sort of trauma ( she got hit with a swing on a swingset). Control the bleeding by pressing on the open area. if it doesn't stop, go to a doc because you might need stiches. (this is only if you can't control the bleeding by yourself) you mouth tends to heal quickly though, so i wouldn't worry about it.


That thing under your tongue is called your frenulum. This is a membrane (a thin layer of tissue) that connects your tongue to the bottom of your mouth. Usually if you leave it for a few weeks it will heal itself. Try to keep food and other things away from it. But be aware if you rip it again, or more times you may need to have surgery to repair it, so be careful!

But you should be okay! Don't move your tongue too much!

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