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13th Floor
EX-SMOKERS: Please tell me by what method you were eventually able to quit. I desperately want to stop.?

It is the hardest habit of all to break, but let me help you with what I did, and I was addicted, big time -- even woke up a 2:00 to smoke, and had three smoked before I got out of bed .... now that is addiction.

1.If you can, go to a rest home where all of these ex-smokers are and watch them breathe -- it will scare the socks off of you. If you can, go to the pathology department of a hospital, and ask a pathologist to show you the lung of a smoker.

2,If you have coffee with a cigarette in the morning while reading the newspaper, switch to tea, and read the news on your computer.

3.Brush your teeth as soon as you finish a meal.
Do not drink wine or beer if you usually have a cigarette with either of those drinks.
4.Try the patch
5.Use the gum
6.The hardest time is when you are two weeks into it, then it really hits you. Start walking, go to the gym, chew on celery, or a cinnimon stick.
7.If someone in the room lights up, leave.
8.And keep remembering that person you saw gasping for breath who was a smoker, and realize that the worst possible way to die, is not from cancer, but from lack of oxygen!!!!!!!!!!!!!! slowly, from lack of oxygen.

Good luck, it can be done.

Try that chewin gum Nikkorettes. It worked for me more than 20 years ago. I hear people still it is one of the best ways to kick the habit. And..please do not fool yourself that you can stop without using anything. Very few people can do that.

All the best and let me know how you are doing.

Drink water instead we all carry a bottle with us just drink it!!!!!

All good answers.

Zyban or Prozac can help relieve the compulsion to smoke. Your doc can help you.

my mom had hypnosis

[email protected]
I smoked for 17 years 20-30 a day and just quit cause I knew I had to was always coughing. Met a girl and she didn't smoke this was the kick start i needed. Used the Allan Carr book very helpful.
I have been off them 2 years now and feel class.
Just get prepared, use willpower and change your life for the better it gets easier as you get on day by day.
If I can do it anyone can. I'm routing for you mate.....

got preg. w/ my child and husband quite w/ med. after smokin for 25yrs

I smoked for lets see, about ten years. I quit, cold turkey for ten months, and then started again. I recently decided to quit again ( two days ago ) and I haven't smoked since. Cold turkey. I believe that it's all in your head, and if you really want to quit then you will. It's a hard habit to break. You are driving to work, and you think "Oh, I better stop for cigarettes." You just have to break your routine. After a week or so, it gets so much easier, you really don't even think about it. The best part is that within a few days your body will feel so much better and you will know it was worth it. Good Luck to you !!

Don't buy new pack , eat a lot of chewing-gum, find freinds who also non smoke

Still smoking...but I heard those Lozenges really work well.

But why quit...Nobody likes a quitter anyhow.

start quitting in your mind first. seriously. that was what finally did it for me. i totally brainwashed myself against them. convinced myself i wanted to quit, that i hated them, that they made me sick, that i wanted them gone forever.

finally got my last pack. with each cigarette gone i hated them more and more and that i was so happy that i was one cig closer to being done. when i got to the last cig i almost didn't even want to smoke it but i forced myself just for the symbolism of it and i realized how much i hated it. i was so glad when i put it out. i've only touched a cigarette a couple times since and both times it made me violently ill. i got the picture. no more for me. :)

No, I'm serious.

I quit after going to a funeral of a 54 year old woman who died of lung cancer. I threw away a half a pack of smokes and quit that very day. The fear of death!!!

PMS 24-7
I have tried all the methods during the 20 years I smoked. I'd do okay for a while and then start back every time. Finally in January of this year I guess I really made up my mind to quit and I did it cold turkey. It was hard but only for a couple of weeks. I got some cinnamon hard candy and ate that when I needed something. When the urge to smoke hit me, I'd just tell myself "I don't really want to smoke anymore!" And the urge would go away.
I don't have the urge anymore. And when I smell someone else's cigarettes - or someone after they just smoked - I realize how BAD I smelled and I'm so glad I don't smell that way anymore.
Good luck. You can do it if you REALLY make up your mind to stop.

i never smoked but my mother did and she ate chocolate every time she got a craving

if you REALLY want to quit, tell your friends you want to stop [and have a go at not smoking] if they still offer you cigaretts, are they your real friends.

you have to do it another way - the hardest bit for me was the first week, so you have to go on vacation for 2 weeks with a non smoker, no stress, no smoke (like in bars)[you are having a complete change of enviroment] when you get back the craving will not be so bad, so you can then choose not to smoke. if you mix with the smokers you will get the craving back again, you will notice when you see them again that they stink, you used to stink like that, your choice do you want to go back to that?

I was smoking three packs a day when I quit cold turkey

Ok, I didn't do it but my parents both did. They have the same birthday and about 7 months before they started planning for it. I guess having a target date really helped them stay committed. It also gave them a little time to work out a plan. My dad went cold turkey and my mom used the patch for about a week then went off. I know 7 months is a long time and you wouldn't necessarily need that long, I think its more of the planning it instead of just one day saying, "I don't think I'll smoke anymore." Good luck, you can do this, if they could anyone can. They were heavy smokers for 25 years, 10 years clean.

big ed
I have quit for 2 weeks now using the nicotine patch and by reading Allan Carr's book "The easy way to stop quitting". Also, www.quitnet.com is very helpful. Good luck, you can do it! Also, I pray a lot, and God really answers prayers!

I had angina and had to stay in a Hospital for a week, no smoking there. It was a good start

well, its all in the mind! you have to be physically, emotionaly, and mentally ready! because you are going to have mood swings, so it will affect your loved ones around you! a good thing to do it find a hobby, something that will keep you occupied when you get those cravings! another good thing, is find a friend, who wants to quite too, and do it together!

20 years pack a day...
the patch... BUT....
I had really already started to quit in my mind....

Jimmy The Hand
I invented my own method.

I call it the critical cigarette method.

I worked out that during the day and night, there were some

cigarettes I world smoke that were incidental to what I was

doing, and some that were "critical".

For example, the cigerette in the car on the way to work

was critical, but depending on how early I arrived, I might

have one or three more before starting work.

Similarly, the amount of smokes I had while working until

morning tea break would change daily, but the smoke with

coffee at the break was critical..I had to have it.

So, I mapped out all my critical cigarettes in a day and

planned to miss the first one, but smoke as usual after

that for the rest of the day and continue until it was


For example, instead of my first smoke being in the car on

the way to work, it was when I got to work, then I smokeded

as usual.

After 2 weeks or so, I made my first smoke the next

critical one on the list...morning tea. A few weeks later

it wasnt until lunch time that I lit up. Then It was knock

off time that I had my first of the day [always smoking as

much as I liked after the first of the day. Eventually It

was one smoke a day after dinner. Then...well its easy to

give up ONE A DAY. It became one every other day..etc etc.

Good Luck


First i stopped smoking when i went on holiday, so that i was outside of my normal environment which made it a bit easier. Then i just stopped. Was hell for the first 7 days, horrible for the next 21 days, not nice for a couple of months, and then got to be normal not smoking.

Good luck

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